04.02.2023 18:15:34

Sebastian Quirmbach

  • Senior Consultant
  • Bonn
  • Germany

"Erfolg – persönlich sowie beruflich – ist das Resultat gesunder innerer Einstellungen und zielgerichteten Handelns nach außen."

Sebastian is a Senior Consultant at CLP and a seasoned leadership coach and trainer.  He is fascinated by the complexities of change and passionate about helping leaders, teams and organisations reach their full potential.

His work focuses on strategic planning, organisational development, change management, coaching and training in leadership and self-management.

He holds a Masters of Arts in Business Coaching und Change Management and a Master in Psychological Intervention with DBM. Sebastian has worked across many different sectors and countries and is training and coaching in German, English and Spanish.

As an active musician and alumnus of LA Music Academy, Sebastian approaches each client and project in unexpected and creative ways to provide new and unique solutions.

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