22.07.2024 18:23:48

Dr. Hannes Beckenbach

  • Senior Consultant
  • Munich
  • Germany

“We will either find a way, or make one” Hannibal

Dr. Hannes Beckenbach is a Senior Consultant at CLP and CEO of the Netzwert Partner GmbH. To drive organizational development, he combines company-wide surveys with their experience of consulting, coaching, training and business mediation. Hannes studied Education and Psychology, holds a PhD in Medical Science and is a trained Teacher for Systemic Coaching and Therapy.

Hannes is very interested in the topic of personal growth and exploring the deeper parts of individuals and organizations. His working style is based on cordiality and clarity. His own point of view makes him a strong sparring partner who can enable the development of others.

To switch off, Hannes is a passionate swimmer and has one of his philosophical books always with him.

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