23.06.2024 07:49:41

Our approach

CLP’s offering – customised or standardised?

CLP is offering customised as well as standardised (ready-made) leadership development solutions. And as expected, both have their pros and cons. While standardised solutions – like predesigned trainings – offer many advantages (from lower price to higher scalability), customised solutions fit perfectly to respond to a client’s specific learning needs and strategy.

Which solution is the right one for you, depends on your situation, requirements and needs.

CLP’s offering – face-to-face, virtual instructor-led training or eLearning?

The learning landscape is constantly changing. While pre-pandemic most leadership development solutions were face-to-face, today’s learner can choose from a variety of learning formats that suit their learning style and needs.

CLP is offering customised as well as ready-made eLearnings, virtual instructor-led workshops, as well as face-to-face trainings. And, all three approaches can be brought together to a – so called – “hybrid” approach. These hybrid solutions marry the best of three worlds: beneficial for high engagement of participants, caters to different learning styles, makes sure that content is transferred into the workplace, while content builds logically and seamlessly on each other.