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Leaders Talk: How Stryker successfully built a Shared Service Organisation
with the power of leadership
Customised solutions

Leadership Development Programmes

Build your leadership pipeline with our bespoke leadership training solutions for your top-management.

Targeted and customised leadership development programmes that get your organisation to where you need it to be.

We tailor your Leadership Development Initiatives for each target group’s needs, taking into consideration the organisation’s overall strategy and business objectives, while making sure our programmes are experiential based and combine intelligent new ways of hybrid-learning for a unique experience.

Hybrid Leadership Development Programmes

Hybrid learning is combination of face-to-face trainings with virtual instructor-led workshops, enhanced by e-leaning courses or e-guides and with supervised and autonomous peer-group coaching.

Advantages of hybrid-learning programmes

  • high engagement
  • caters for different learning styles
  • learning is easily transferred into the workplace with the handover of learning step by step
Life-long learning and quality leadership are indispensable to each other.
Dr Marcus Gottschalk , CEO

Why work with us?

We know that CLP’s work is of great importance and consequences.

We believe that an organisation’s leadership capability, equals the ability of a business to perform.

In other words: leadership development is important for an organisation’s growth and health, as well as the individual’s growth, health and happiness.

We have the pleasure of working with amazing people and organisations. We challenge ways of how to sustain and develop leaders. Leaders that can support their people and organisation’s strategy. And, we are creative and adaptive. We understand that most industries follow certain common ways, but every organisation is unique and requires a different approach for sustainable development.

We are specialists in new ways of learning and working. We drive thought leadership. We explore business topics with unique experts and we publish.

Who trusts us?

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