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Leadership Development

Unlock Your Organisation's Leadership Potential with CLP

Do you need to align leadership with your corporate strategy? Are you looking to attract and retain top talent? Do you wish to embrace a strategy-aligned leadership culture? Are your leaders in need of new, competitive competencies and skills to lead high-performing teams?

Tailored Leadership Solutions Just for You

At CLP, we understand that every organisation is unique. That’s why we provide customised leadership solutions, comprehensive programmes, individualised coaching, and readily available training modules. We firmly believe that a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership development is simply not enough. Instead, we combine bespoke solutions with thoughtful, pre-designed modules, enabling our clients to efficiently adapt to evolving market demands and organisational needs quickly.

Unlocking Leadership Excellence: Unique Leadership Development Programmes

For years, we’ve been dedicated to designing diverse Leadership Development Programmes, each one tailored to meet unique organisational needs.

Why Choose Our Leadership Development Programmes?

  1. Tailored Diversity: We’ve designed programmes of varying durations – from short bursts of intensive learning to extensive, immersive experiences. Whether virtual, in-person, or hybrid, we cater to your preferred mode of learning.
  2. Targeted Audience: Our programmes cater to every level and role within your organisation. Whether it’s teams, top leaders, managers, or individuals across hierarchies, we customise our initiatives to transcend boundaries and address specific needs.
  3. Mindset Shifts and Skill Refinement: We don’t just impart knowledge; we catalyse change. Some of our programmes focus on shifting mindsets, fostering innovative thinking, and instilling new behaviours. Others are hands-on, honing practical skills and directly transforming your workplace.
  4. Initiated by Visionaries: Our programmes are initiated not just by HR/LD departments but also by forward-thinking executives. They recognise the powerful link between value creation and people development, and our programs reflect this synergy.

While all our Leadership Development Programmes are unique, they have one thing in common: creating value and happy customers.

Partner with Us:

If you seek an experienced, flexible, creative, and reliable partner for your leadership development journey, look no further. We’re here to collaborate, innovate, and drive leadership excellence in your organisation. Let’s design a future of empowered leaders and satisfied customers together.

Elevate Leadership through Personalised Coaching

When it comes to personalised leadership development, coaching offers a structured and supportive approach for individuals and small groups.

Our Coaching Solutions:

  1. 1-to-1 Leadership Coaching: Partnering with Forton Coaching, we provide certified coaches with extensive corporate leadership experience. Our coaches are available virtually and in your vicinity, offering an intimate 1-to-1 development experience tailored to your needs.
  2. Accredited Programmes: Enhance the coaching skills of your leaders and managers with our Forton Leader as Coach programmes. Accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), these programmes are delivered globally, both in-person and virtually, in multiple languages.
  3. Leader as a Coach: In today’s evolving workplace, coaching skills are paramount. Our ICF accredited Leader as Coach programme equips individuals with the skills, tools, and context needed to effectively coach others through regular and effortless workplace conversations.
  4. Team Coaching: Our Team Coaching initiatives significantly enhance team effectiveness, job satisfaction, and the achievement of organisational goals. We offer a structured and supportive approach to address team challenges and optimise overall team performance.
  5. Peer-Group Coaching: Peer-Group Coaching facilitates deep, trustful, and emotionally resonant connections among peers and leaders. It provides a psychologically safe space for problem-solving and opportunity creation without the need for external facilitators or coaches.
  6. First 90 Days Leadership Coaching: Acknowledging the challenges faced by newly promoted senior-level executives, our First 90 Days Coaching Programme offers a confidential environment. This unique programme focuses on key areas, contextual understanding, and specialised leadership coaching conversations. It establishes a cultural fit, fosters teamwork, and provides clarity on senior leadership expectations, ensuring a successful transition into the new role.

Why Choose Us?

Our coaching programmes are not just about imparting skills; they are about transforming leadership styles and fostering inclusive, effective, and resilient leaders. Partner with us to cultivate leadership excellence tailored to your organisational needs.

At CLP, we reject the notion of a one-size-fits-all approach to leadership development. Off-the-shelf courses simply cannot address the distinct situations and needs of our clients. Instead, we provide a dynamic approach, offering carefully crafted, pre-designed modules and skill trainings. These modules serve as the building blocks for customised solutions, empowering our clients to enhance their bespoke leadership strategies efficiently. This customisation enables your organisation to adapt swiftly to ever-changing market demands and evolving organisational needs.

Explore Our Pre-Designed Leadership Modules and Skill Trainings:


Beat the War for Talent: Successfully ATTRACT Best-Fit Talent.
Interview like a Pro: Successfully SELECT Best-Fit Talent.


Leading with Powerful Questions.


“A buddy for life!” Power of Peer Support.


Initiating Change: Manage Polarities.


Difficult Conversations: Bring your Conflict to the Table.


The Power of Diversity.


From Intent to Impact: Feedback that works.


“Operation Trust”: Your Team’s Relationships on the Surgeon’s Table.


Mental Models & Reboot of Patterns.

Contact us for a Complete Catalog:

For a comprehensive list of our pre-designed modules and detailed descriptions, get in touch with us. Let’s embark on a journey of customised leadership excellence tailored exclusively for your organisation’s success.

Flexible Learning Options

We offer both in-person and virtual options to accommodate your organisation’s preferences and needs. Our dedicated team of experts is committed to working closely with you to tailor solutions that align with your specific leadership development goals and challenges.

Customer-Focused Leadership Development

At CLP, our Leadership Development is customer-focused and need-based. We are dedicated to empowering your leaders and enhancing their capabilities to drive your organisation’s success.

TÜV Rheinland needs to attract, select and retain best-fit talent to become one of the best employers. In cooperation with CLP we uniquely designed according to our needs a “hybrid” e-learning and virtual instructor-led programme with the overall aim to increase our leader’s hiring competency. Today, we have a programme that is fun, comprehensive, short and makes fun.
Tanja Gerum, Global HR Development, TÜV Rheinland

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