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Behaviour Change - Create an informal bottom-up change 'movement'

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Change Leadership & Workplace Learning - Simulate your change projects

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Change Leadership & Workplace Learning
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Behaviour Change
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Many leaders lead their people and organisation to success. Yet, many leaders manage change and transformation more intuitively than with a proven approach and humane mind-set. We are sustaining leaders and their teams in communicating change, winning over stakeholders, dealing with resistance and gaining the leadership skills in guiding employees through their very own change initiatives.

We have dedicated global teams working collaboratively with organisations through tough challenges and change cases, with the objective of achieving their desired results. We unite creativity, hands-on and systemic thinking to increase efficiency and add sustainable value to help leaders transform and grow their organisations, their teams and themselves.

We believe leaders have a significant impact on people in their teams, their eco-system, as well as on the performance of their organisation. We also know driving growth, change and renewal is complex and challenging.

We are working closely and collaboratively with internal project leads, stakeholders and external classical consultancies. Where external consultancies would propose to implement new organisational structures and processes while accompanying their implementation, CLP is a trusted partner of top leaders in creating collaboration and learning, facilitating communication, training leadership and initiating and supporting behavioural change.

On-site leadership is a personal way on how to grow the organisation’s leadership capability. Leadership Development includes the innovative way of offering leaders bespoke ways for individual and collective growth. Change Leadership equips leaders to lead through change and transformation. We offer you six unique on-site leadership services:

  1. SHAPE  –  your LD
  2. LD Programmes
  3. Leading Change
  4. Change Management Support
  5. Change Leadership and Workplace Learning
  6. Behaviour Change

With these services, which you will find explained on this website, you are able to grow individually, collectively and organisational.

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