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Customised solutions

Change Leadership Programmes

Change management consultancy and solutions that help build the individual and collective capacity for change.

Change Leadership solutions for Leaders and Organisations driving change and making it stick

Many leaders lead their people and organisation to success. Yet, many leaders manage change and transformation more intuitively than with a proven approach and humane mind-set.

We are sustaining leaders and their teams in:

  • communicating change,
  • winning over stakeholders,
  • dealing with resistance,
  • acquiring new behaviours and
  • gaining the leadership skills in guiding employees through their very own change initiatives.

We are working with internal project leads, stakeholders and external classical consultancies. While classical consultancies propose new organisational structures and processes, CLP is a trusted partner in creating collaboration and learning, facilitating communication, training leadership and initiating and supporting behavioural change.

Increasing Change-Ability

We are customising Change Leadership initiatives that help organisations to increase their Change-Ability.

We are offering challenging and proven elements that increase the intelligence for change:

  • Change Communication: change story, polarity management
  • Behavioural change training
  • Change psychometrics: e.g. Change Style Indicator
  • Change planning and architectures
  • Change multiplier/ambassador training
  • Change tools integration into existing HRD or LMS structures
CLP’s reputation and approach to Change Leadership inspired us. We appointed CLP as our partner because we believe that we need to work on the people-side of change as well as getting things done. We particularly liked CLPs customised approach based on a standardised and proven change approach. We are certain that the training will help our leaders in communicating and inspiring their teams to get on board with the changes outlined in our 2023 strategy.
Stefanie Preck, Former HR Director, Hapag-Lloyd AG

Behavioural Change Training

Change is initiated at the top of the organisation and communicated down the hierarchical ladder. Behavioural Change, or so called bottom-up change, is a complementary initiative to traditional change management that focuses on small but powerful behaviour changes throughout the organisation. Behavioural Change works bottom-up, using the power of social movements to create “cultural” change.

We are helping organisations to start bottom-up and behavioural change:

  • identifying key behaviors
  • initiating social copying
  • creating informal networks
  • multiplying repeatable stories
  • and sustaining leaders in driving this unparalleled way of change

Why work with us?

We know that our work is of importance and creates essential impact.

We believe that the leader’s competence to manage change, equals the ability of a business to grow.
And, we believe that your employee’s desire and ability to sustain change is a prerequisite for all change and transformation to succeed.

We have the pleasure of working with amazing people and organisations. We explore ways of how to sustain and develop leaders, managers and employees so that mastering change will become second nature.

CLP understands that change is hard, costly and complex. And we understand that change needs people, empathy, transparency and communication to succeed.

Who trusts us?

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