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Peer Group Coaching eGuide

The objective of this eGuide is to provide you with enough information to run your own peer-groups for coaching.

Making hybrid work, work! A hybrid working e-learning course

With hybrid teams increasingly becoming the norm, we have created an eLearning programme to help increase performance, create higher efficiencies and develop leadership styles.

SHAPE - How we design and customise your LDP

Find out how we design and customise our Leadership Development Programme (LDP) SHAPE to fit your learning needs and budget. Starting with the fundamentals, determine why this future LDP is important, based on strategy, competencies and leadership principles.

Peer-Group Coaching eBook

Written by Change, Leadership & Partners’ CEO Dr. Marcus Gottschalk. This ebook is designed to help business leaders understand and run Peer-Group Coaching virtually or face-to-face. Peer-Group Coaching offers a way to connect peers and others on a deep, trustful and emotional level.
09.02.2021Case Studies

Leadership Development Programme Case Study

Rolling stones. A CLP Leadership case study that demonstrates the continuous improvement mind-set of the automotive industry in harmony with the continual customisation approach of Change, Leadership & Partners .
12.01.2021Case Studies

Organisational Change Case Study

Delivering hands-on change management workshops that balance the cognitive learning of flexible working methods with the emotional journey of those impacted for 1000+ leaders in support of an organisational-wide transformation process.
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