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Leaders Talk Webinar – Exploring the dynamics of change management with the help of gamification

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Last week we welcomed Leif Sorensen, Founder and CEO of Actee, as our guest speaker in our second Leaders Talk webinar.

Leaders Talk is our new monthly Leadership webinar series where we invite thought leaders and business leaders to add value to leadership development, by discussing new technologies and ways of leading.

Who are Actee?

Actee is a global provider of game-based workplace learning covering most fields of organisational life such as change management, leadership, communication, team collaboration and onboarding. Their engaging and interactive platform is based on the theory that people are always learning when playing games.

Gamification, simulation and game-based learning is an incredibly important element for learning and leader development. At CLP we recognise the engagement involved in such an approach as we have seen time and again how peoples’ behaviours can change when they are engaged and highly active.

Since 2009, during his journey into learning, Leif has put into practice two major elements of his life – his previous experience as a tailor and his dyslexia.

His background as a tailor has given him a great insight and respect for the practical side of learning as very early on he realised that learning is most effective when played out in a real setting.

As a dyslexic he has always been interested in other ways of consuming knowledge and content. And that’s where the gamification comes in. Game-based learning is a faster and more effective way of learning. It’s a great shortcut – utilising your mind alongside the power of teamwork.

Actee’s platform is highly effective as the client designs and customises their own games which allows them to make it bespoke to their challenges. Competition and teamwork within the games are crucial elements. And, as the users can track their progress, it is the data capture and analysis by trained Actee consultants that is crucial for learning and development.

The power of ActeeChange

During the webinar we focused on one of Actee’s front running games – ActeeChange. This game allows users to go through a process where they must get stakeholders involved and manage them moving through a change scenario. Dealing with resistance levels and seeing reactions to choices are components of the game. The magic comes with the engagement that is needed when you give players options and the chance for them to give their opinions and ideas before you solve obstacles. As players are involved, they transition from being passive consumers to being in a situation they recognise. They have to become decision makers.

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The real long-term value occurs when users leave the session and implement what they have learnt. The transferral of knowledge learnt in the game to a real-life situation is much easier. As they have already experienced change within the game, their knowledge can be transferred into work life more quickly as their brain recognises where they have seen the information before.

Actee’s success comes down to trusting in their technology and matching that with experienced consultants who can analyse and report the key data captured during the games.

The future of Learning and Development

A growing trend that Actee has seen over the last year is how the green agenda is impacting learning and development. Often, they see HR departments struggling to know how they can support any change within their organisations that is related to the green agenda.

To support this Actee have added green models to all of their games to help change behaviours for quicker acceptance. A green agenda impacts a company on all levels and the faster that a company accepts this and adds it into all learnings the better.  

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