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Leaders Talk Webinar – Creating a Corporate Metaverse for Learning & Development

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On 7th July CLP welcomed Markus Dohm, Executive Vice President of Academy and Life Care at TÜV Rheinland as guest speaker for our inaugural Leaders Talk webinar.

Leaders Talk is our new monthly Leadership webinar series where we invite thought leaders and business leaders to add value to leadership development, by discussing new technologies and ways of leading.

With his sense of entrepreneurship and modern approach to leadership, Dohm is well placed to talk about the future of learning, especially following his recent creation of a corporate metaverse for Learning & Development.

In the webinar we explored how Dohm and his team used an innovative technique to create a corporate metaverse for an Empowering Health virtual convention.

During the webinar he walked us through the metaverse, demonstrating how it was able to serve up live-streamed seminars to the 1,000 people attending. Before the convention, they had made the decision not to use avatars, instead preferring to use live steaming to create a more in-person experience.

In addition, there was a networking area, customer touchpoints and content-rich pre-recorded masterclasses.

The feedback was 100% positive, with many experiencing a metaverse for the first time. Following the success, TÜV Rheinland has made the metaverse available for a whole year, with all the live sessions added as recordings.

Whilst Dohm couldn’t divulge the cost of creating the metaverse, it was comparable to running five in-person events that would only accommodate 50 people per event.

In a candid reflection, Dohm admitted they had underestimated the internal effort of creating the digital content that was appropriate for the metaverse for the first time.

Whilst this initial metaverse was for their internal company audience, they now have plans to roll it out to external clients as a modern way to consume content. Clients are already approaching TÜV Rheinland with requests for them to create similar metaverses for them.

In summary, Dohm agreed it is an innovative approach which goes way beyond the initial hype, creating a valuable and tangible resource for future learning.

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