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ActeeChange ® – Online Change Simulation

Understand the flow and dynamics of change

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What you will learn

As a result of playing this simulation, you will...

  1. Develop a solid command

    of organisational change using Maurer's theory on resistance

  2. Grow an intuition

    of Kotter's theory on design, management and conclusion of change processes

  3. Use a well proven approach

    to change that increases your leaders understanding of change

  4. Learn

    to lead complex change

  5. Discover a simulation (game)

    for change management that is easily transferrable to our own cases

More information about ActeeChange Online Change Simulation

ActeeChange, formerly known as Changesetter, is a learning concept about leading complex change processes in organisations. It draws on game elements, which simulates realistic situations with managerial dilemmas you have to deal with. You will go through a change process from the first steps of initial actions to the waning activities. Focus in ActeeChange is both on implementing the change in the organisation and on leading the stakeholders. Built into the concept is different change management and leadership theories, among others is Rick Maurer’s theory on working with stakeholder resistance in a change process.

ActeeChange is an online and offline simulation tool and an educational game hub for change management and leadership development. The technology is based on game elements especially created to spark energy and motivation required in successful organisational changes. The game structure in this theory-based training platform engages people and helps anchor the change in the workplace.

Additional details

ActeeChange is developed and owned by, a global provider of game based workplace learning. Actee and CLP share a similar approach and understanding of change and transformation.

Who’s ActeeChange for?

ActeeChange has been played by over 250,000 users since 2020. This versatile online simulation is for everyone who wants to understand and replicate change dynamics in a playful and learning conducive way.

In Telenor, we make great use of the ActeeChange concept. Gradually, more and more of our Business Units are using the change management concept. Overall, we use ActeeChange to make people aware of changes in our organisation and to identify the real issues with people not succeeding in change initiatives.
Elishia Faraz, Organization Development Manager, Telenor Group


As certified ActeeChange professionals and Cooperation Partner of Actee, CLP’s trainers are using ActeeChange almost weekly with our clients. If you are interested in ActeeChange for your leaders, managers and people, contact us. We are happy to guide you through the process and advantages of setting up ActeeChange for your organisation. Our courses include a one hour ‘tech-check’ for all participants.

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