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Leaders Talk Webinar – Refining Leadership Excellence and Unveiling the Path to ‘Good to Great’ Leadership

We were delighted to host Francesco Canetta, Programme Execution Manager at Jungheinrich South and East European Region, in our recent installment of the Leaders Talk webinar series. During this insightful session, he illuminated the strategies behind unlocking exceptional leadership by nurturing the right mindset, making discerning choices, and fostering a culture of excellence within organisations.

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The Essence of ‘Good to Great’ Leadership

Drawing inspiration from Jim Collins’ groundbreaking work “Good to Great,” we delve into the principles that propel leaders from mediocrity to greatness. Collins and his dedicated team embarked on a rigorous exploration, unveiling the key factors that set apart good companies from truly outstanding ones. Through a meticulous analysis of various companies, they unearthed a common thread among those that achieved enduring greatness.

Throughout the webinar, Francesco expertly pinpointed the distinguishing traits, practices, and shifts in mindset that differentiate remarkable leaders from their counterparts. He provided valuable insights and actionable takeaways for individuals aspiring to elevate their leadership prowess.

Leaders Talk: Elevating Knowledge and Thought Leadership

Our Leaders Talk webinar series serves as a platform to engage thought leaders and business visionaries in meaningful discussions. This initiative is our contribution to fostering knowledge, learning, and thought leadership by delving into emerging technologies and innovative leadership methodologies.

Meet Francesco Canetta: An Architect of Leadership Transformation

Francesco Canetta, the Programme Execution Manager at Jungheinrich South and East European Region, has been instrumental in implementing his company’s leadership development programs, notably ‘Step Beyond’ and its successor ‘Step Beyond – Do it.’

The Journey to Exceptional Leadership

Their journey towards ‘good to great’ leadership began in 2019, as they recognized the need for a unified management team to drive collaborative growth along a shared trajectory. Embracing transformational leadership, the senior management aimed to delegate and engage rather than control. The initial phase of the program was exclusively tailored for managing directors.

In 2020, amid pandemic-induced constraints, they extended psychological support to all leaders. The ‘coaching as a leader’ training program was introduced for management levels 1 and 2, structured by department. Although effective, the need for a more advanced step became evident.

Introducing the ‘Step Beyond’ Initiative

In 2021-22, the ‘Step Beyond’ initiative was launched, encompassing management levels 1 and 2, along with HR managers. This initiative brought together over 70 participants from 11 countries, forming small groups of three individuals. Emphasizing diversity across genders, nations, and departments, the program fostered collaboration among individuals who seldom interacted. A significant shift was symbolized by addressing participants by their first names across countries, erasing hierarchical boundaries.

The ‘Step Beyond’ initiative centered on four core themes:

  1. Virtual peer group coaching
  2. Feedback and feed forward
  3. Change management
  4. Tools for the new era

The resounding positive response spoke for its success.

Advancing Leadership in the New Normal

In 2022, the ‘Advanced Leadership in the New Normal’ initiative was exclusively rolled out for managing directors. This initiative aimed to equip leaders with advanced tools during a challenging period marked by disruptions and resignations.

Continuing the Evolution: ‘Step Beyond: Do It!’

Building on the momentum of the initial program’s success, the ‘Step Beyond: Do It!’ program was introduced for 2023-24. Participants received a yellow mug bearing the inscription, “the best way to explain it is to do it.” This encapsulated the essence of translating ‘Step Beyond’ learnings into practical action. Participants from management levels 1 and 2, as well as HR managers, engaged in this endeavor. The core themes—change, communication, and collaboration—remained aligned with the 70/20/10 principle, with a focus on applying knowledge to drive behavioral change.

Acknowledging that workplace challenges often impede training application, a shift was made towards experiential learning. Participants sought real-life applications to effectively solve cases together. The approach yielded success, with participants proactively proposing modules based on real cases.

Interactive elements like the Change Simulation game rendered change management tangible. The topics for 2023-24 spanned diverse dimensions:

  1. Establishing a ‘Buddy for Life’ peer support system
  2. ‘Beyond Books’ book club
  3. Navigating Difficult Conversations
  4. Elevating Communication, Connection, and Influence
  5. Demystifying Agile Project Management

Alumni sessions, held every 4-5 weeks, facilitated strategic discussions on themes such as Generation Z and Learning from Failures, fostering self-driven development.

Measuring Success

The outcomes encompassed enhanced collaboration, transparency, and communication, resulting in the region’s recognition as the top sales team in 2021-22. This success wasn’t solely attributed to training but also to heightened trust and collaboration. What began as an emphasis on change, training, communication, and collaboration through ‘Step Beyond’ has evolved into proactive empowerment and action.

The Journey Continues

The path to excellence remains ongoing, underpinned by a resolute commitment to continuous enrichment. The focal points now encompass building trust, transparency, and cross-hierarchical collaboration. The goal is to create an environment where trust fuels collective progress and transformation.

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