19.05.2024 09:07:28

Werner Graf

  • Senior Consultant
  • Berlin
  • Germany

It´s not my method to separate the hard from the soft, but to see the toughness of the soft. - Ludwig Wittgenstein

In my work vision and strategy are as important as good, solid craftsmanship. When it comes to change, the hands-on mechanic, as which I started my professional life, really likes handling the so-called hard facts and the management of projects. The PhD however, as which I ended my academic education, also looks for the things beyond: What´s the purpose of all this, and what about the psychology of the people involved? What is needed to get stakeholders on board? Success or failure, the difference is often made here.

As a Senior Consultant, I´m helping managers to envision a positive future for their business and to find the way forward to it. Having been a line manager with international corporations for many years, I know how it feels to be part of an organization. The same amount of time I´m working as a self-employed consultant now, looking with a different perspective at a business. This change of perspective is something, that I provide to managers, when development of the organization and of individuals is the issue. Experiences and analogies from the outside world help people to understand, what´s going on inside.

Sometimes there are smooth transitions between my private and my business life: I love to travel, which I do for professional reasons anyway, and experiences from trips through different countries and to different places often sneak into my work. To slow down, I love to use one of my old cars, but the ultimate slowing down happens, when I´m outdoors and canoeing on the lakes around Berlin.

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