23.06.2024 06:51:03

Fiona Higginson

  • Director
  • Malaga
  • Spain

"What would you do if you had no fear?" Not Attributed

When I think about my professional purpose, I think about connection – connecting leaders in a learning environment, connecting learning with business reality and connecting content with my client’s strategy.

As Programme Director, my job is to create a red thread for my participants between what they learn in my sessions and what they experience in their work environment. I draw on my own leadership experience in my 15-year career in corporate learning and development to do this. So my starting point is always “what should be different afterwards?” to ensure that what I put into my learning sessions is what my participants need, when they need it.

Although I was born in Africa and grew up and studied in Ireland, I lived and worked in Germany for nearly 20 years before relocating to Spain 5 years ago. It’s a mix of cultures, backgrounds, languages and (sometimes even) perspectives that I bring into my work.

Downtime with my family with a good red wine, or sweating it out in Pilates, is what gives me the energy to pursue that purpose – connecting the dots between corporate strategy, business reality and the learning experience.

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