22.07.2024 17:49:17

Christine Kranz

  • Senior consultant
  • Liechtenstein and Vienna
  • Austria

“For decades, the research on personality development and reflection competence is one of my core subjects. It is an intention of mine to establish self-reflection with the aid of works of art in business. With the development of Symbolon-Method, we have created the ultimate tool for this. Without any doubt, this was a challenge, because the economy was very analytical and fact-oriented. Today it shows that especially management and executives want to develop their personality based on an access to their inner level. Reflective competence provides companies with a real added value."

The Liechtensteiner Christine Kranz, Master Certified Coach (MCC) of the International Coach Federation, is founder of Symbolon AG and for more than 30 years Senior Executive Coach. In 2000, she developed the Symbolon-Method® and introduced for the first-time self-reflection in business. She is author of several books and a guest lecturer at various colleges and universities.

In 2002, she founded Symbolon-Academy. In the meantime, more than 300 professionals from consulting, training and HR field have gone through the training, licensing and supervision for the Symbolon-Method®. Two years before she established the Symbolon publishing house which has already published several books about reflection competence. Since 2018 Christine Kranz is elected “ICF Deutschland President Elect” of ICF Deutschland e.V.. The International Coach Federation has about 35`000 members and is the largest association for coaches worldwide. In her free time, she enjoys art, music, sports in the mountains and traveling.

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