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Maximising Team Performance – Virtual Performance Improvement Workshop

Performance Improvement for existing teams

7 hours

What you will learn

As a result attending this workshop, you will

  1. Analyse

    the current shape (as is) and DEFINE the shape that makes you fit for the future (to be)

  2. Develop

    your shared purpose

  3. Understand

    what an agile team needs to adapt to the VUCA world

  4. Streamline

    your organisational set-up and workflow

  5. Create

    a high level of trust, that allows you to empower everyone

  6. Implement

    the tools that help you to learn and adapt fast in daily business

Over time teams have a tendency to stay in their own comfort zone, with both positive as well as negative effects. The VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous) world, however, challenges the established. To keep up with pace and even outperform competition, agility and self-learning are needed.

This virtual workshop is about performance improvement for already existing teams who want to take the next step. You will challenge the status quo, discuss the future and learn about and implement hands-on measures and tools for improvement.

Additional details

Since the workshop is all about you and your team’s specific needs, some tailoring is inevitable – and most helpful at the same time.

This performance improvement workshop is designed for existing teams, including their leader. A group size of 12 to 15 is ideal, but it´s easily possible to adapt this format to larger or smaller groups.

  • Module 1: Analyse and project. The first module is about from “as is” to “to be”.  You analyse the status quo and define the future
  • Module 2: The Hardware. This module is about your set-up and your processes, with a focus on your defined future
  • Module 3: The Software. The closing module is about leadership, behaviour, collaboration, trust, empowerment and all the ingredients, that make your team a high performing team
This programme has had a tremendous effect on our collaboration, the speed we operate in and the climate of trust within the entire team. We have become more agile, and quick adjustments are no problem anymore. We have become less hierarchical, people are more empowered, and I as a manager can focus more on strategy rather than on fire fighting.
Team Monday participant, August 2020

Who’s it for

This program is for existing teams who want to take the next step towards a high performing team.

It’s also perfect for managers who have recently taken over an existing team, who want to set this team up towards new challenges, and who want to establish themselves in their leadership function.

Finally, this program also produces team building take-aways. So if you are looking for ‘hands-on results’ and not just ‘fun to be had’ in your team development process, this should be a program of choice.


We offer Team Monday as an internal company training for €3,350 per training. The price includes a tech-check for all participants.


BEFORE the workshop

Since this is all about your reality, we start with an in-depth interview with you as a manager. Adjustments in the design will be made and agreed upon.

DURING the workshop

The workshop will be highly interactive, so you will be ready to actively engage, share your experiences and support other participants. After each module you will be provided materials for self-study, and you will also receive some work to do around the implementation of the just learned. Your experiences from that will be food for discussion in the next module.

AFTER the workshop

Part of your take-aways is an “implementation calendar”, which helps you progress to high performance. You´ll also get two one-hour remote coaching sessions in which you will discuss your progress.


This training is available as a standardised, off-the-shelf product to help you react quickly and effectively to changing market demands. However, our productised modules such as this can be combined with others and customised to create an effective pathway to achieve your desired results. Learn more about our cutomised approach, or fill out the form below to request an example offer or to discuss your own specific need and receive a customised offer.

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