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Post-Merger and Acquisition Virtual Change Management Workshop

Attract and Select Top-Talent Programme

1hr virtual orientation workshop;
2 x 3 hrs virtual skill training workshops;
3 modules asynchronous e-learning for your LMS

What you will learn

As a result completing this programme, you will

  1. Understand

    global developments in the war for talent and your role in talent attraction and acquisition for the new world of work.

  2. Clarify

    the global competencies required for the new world of work, and the impact of these on your hiring process.

  3. Develop

    your personal and professional brand (in person and virtually) to attract best-fit talent to your organisation.

Maximise your ability to attract and select best-fit talent for your organization using a competency-based approach.

Recruitment is imperative for all organisations as it ensures that employees who wish to join the business are the best fit for open roles, whilst reflecting the values of the entire organization. Recruitment encourages a range of important benefits which includes gaining skilled employees, assuring cultural fit, saving time and money, improving employee satisfaction and ensuring a positive brand image.

For leaders, recruiting talent is becoming more important and it would be negligent to treat this as an afterthought. Great talent doesn’t just pop up when you need them to.

TÜV Rheinland needs to attract, select and retain best-fit talent to become one of the best employers. In cooperation with CLP we uniquely designed according to our needs a “hybrid” e-learning and virtual instructor-led programme with the overall aim to increase our leader’s hiring competency. Today, we have a programme that is fun, comprehensive, short and makes fun.
Tanja Gerum, Global HR Development, TÜV Rheinland

Who’s it for?

For leaders and managers looking to increase their hiring competency.

Structure of course

This is a unique “hybrid” e-learning program that is run over the course of 6 weeks. It is “hybrid” so you will have the opportunity to work synchronously in virtual classrooms with your facilitator and colleagues, as well as asynchronously with the help of an interactive e-guide.

It starts with a 1.5hr virtual orientation workshop, followed by two 2.5hrs virtual skill training workshops. During these sessions, you will meet with your colleagues and work with your facilitator. You can share, reflect, discuss and challenge ideas. Here, skills are trained and deepened, so that you can apply what you have learned immediately.

Between the instructor-led classrooms you can learn with the help of pre-designed e-learning modules which allows you access content from anywhere and at any time. We have designed these modules as a source of knowledge that is easy to access, manoeuvre, and fun to study. Within these e-learning modules you will find text, voice recordings, videos, downloads, exercises, links, questions, prompts, and many more elements that make your time investment worthwhile.


This programme is available as a ready-made product to help you react quickly and effectively to changing market demands. However, our ready-made courses such as this can be combined with others and customised to create an effective pathway to achieve your desired results or entirely custumised to your organisations’ requirements and needs.

We deliver our virtual courses on several online collaboration platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and Google Meet, you can select the one that fits best with your team and organisation. We can also deliver this as face-to-face trainings.

We offer all our courses in English and German, as well as a range of other languages such as Spanish, French, Mandarin etc.

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Bespoke, scalable solutions that fit our clients’ strategies and learning/development maturity, or choose from a library of standardised and hybrid solutions that allow you to react quickly and efficiently to changing market demands

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We make the virtual world reality with exclusive designs comprising modern collaboration and communication tools, online simulations, e-learning solutions and unique facilitation techniques

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