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Peer-Group Coaching Training

€3900 / group of 12
Format: :
2 x 3.5hrs virtual workshop
with e-learning support

What you will learn

As a result of this training, you will...

  1. Increase

    your own coaching skills around powerful questioning and active listening.

  2. Learn

    how to contract a psychologically safe coaching environment with others and match compatible learning personalities into peer-groups.

  3. Practice

    running and participating in your own online group coaching sessions with your peers.

  4. Grow

    professionally and personally.

For business leaders who want to create powerful and trustful peer-groups to support each other in a psychological safe learning environment.

Most leadership development happens on the job, related to real business challenges leaders experience on a day-to-day basis, whether face-to-face or remote, or a combination of both. Peer-Group Coaching taps into this need for exchange and support at peer level and fosters the creation of virtual informal learning networks that supersede traditional organisational boundaries.

This training focuses on building informal relations between peers, understanding and learning the benefits of collaboration and support between peers and practicing key coaching skills such as using powerful questions and active listening in a remote and in-person environment.

We have been running courses for more than a decade using highly interactive virtual and in person learning experiences that foster human connection and personal engagement. We take advantage of modern communication technologies to showcase how leaders can support each other at peer level from any location or even time zone. Special focus is laid in this training on how leaders can create rapport and connection for long lasting peer-group support.

Who’s it for?

Any business leader who’s serious about their own continued personal development. HR and LD specialists who want to establish remote informal peer networks and grow cross-boundary learning within their organisation.

Structure of course

This training is split in to two 2.5 hr virtual instructor-led workshops.

To facilitate participant’s learning we also provide an e-learning guide with useful information and practical tips that can be referred to when participants set-up their own peer-groups and coaching sessions. Our trainers will also be available for further support following the course, or in case for any clarification.


This workshop is available as a ready-made product to help you react quickly and effectively to changing market demands. However, our ready-made courses such as this can be combined with others and customised to create an effective pathway to achieve your desired results or entirely costumised to your organisations’ requirements and needs.

We deliver our virtual courses on several online collaboration platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and Google Meet, you can select the one that fits best with your team and organisation.

We offer all our courses in English and German, as well as a range of other languages such as Spanish, French, Mandarin etc.

We can also deliver this course face-to-face at a venue of your choice, in a day.

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