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Mastering Change - Virtual Change Management Workshop

Get people ‘on board’ and make change stick

2 days, 3.5 hours each
€3,350 /group of 12

What you will learn from Mastering Change Virtual Workshop

As a result of attending this workshop, you will

  1. Understand

    how your change impacts your business and organisation - visualise your strengths, challenges, lessons learned, blocking points and windows of opportunity and how they impact those around you

  2. Simulate

    change scenarios using our interactive tool – discover how to make management and leadership decisions related to change.

  3. Apply

    best practices to successfully manage your change and transformation – our expert change facilitators with cross-industry experience will guide you on how you can apply this knowledge to your organisation or with your team.

  4. Network

    with other HR and change experts - seize the opportunity to learn from other experts in various industries and to share your own experience in dealing with complex change and transformation.

Mastering Change – virtual change management workshop description

Mastering Change – our virtual change management workshop – is a virtual classroom experience where you collaborate with others to better understand how your particular change impacts your stakeholders, business and organisation. With peer support, you will derive and simulate actions and interventions that help you to make impactful decisions at work.

We created Mastering Change because we believe that all organisations have to change constantly due to an ever-changing business environment. And so every great leader needs to be able to master change. Great leaders know how to create the right support network, to use the right tools and to make a difference.

Every leader should know how to deal with their stakeholders. I love to simulate my change and see people moving out of resistance.
Vice President HRD & D

Who is it for

This virtual classroom experience works best with a slightly bigger group of up to 20 participants to create multiple opportunities to exchange, to learn from each other and to use necessary group dynamics. This virtual programme is spread over two days. Each day, we will cover 3.5 hours of sharing, play and learning.  Simultaneously, we use online collaboration technologies and the business simulation ACTEE, and communication tools such as Zoom. Mastering Change is initially offered in English and German, though other languages, such as Spanish, Mandarin etc., are available upon request.


One week before the first workshop you will receive a code of conduct to read and a short instruction video on how to use ACTEE and Zoom. Don’t worry about technical difficulties, our courses are supported with tech-checks.

On the day of your first Mastering Change session, we advise that you join the workshop 20 minutes prior to the official starting time.
This will give you time to meet other participants and start a set-up sequence to optimise your later experience.

Your actual Mastering Change experience is 7 hours, spread over two days. But this experience does not have to stop after two days. We will give you the opportunity to create a `bond´ with your learning partner to continue your personal journey after the workshop has officially finished. Additionally, you will have access to the online change simulation ACTEE and all its change tools.


We offer Mastering Change as a company internal training, where leaders meet virtually and learn together. The cost for Mastering Change is €3,350.00 per training. ActeeChange licenses are charged separately.  


This training is available as a standardised, off-the-shelf product to help you react quickly and effectively to changing market demands. However, our productised modules such as this can be combined with others and customised to create an effective pathway to achieve your desired results. Learn more about our customised approach, or fill out the form below to request an example offer or to discuss your own specific need and receive a customised offer.

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