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Mastering Change – Virtual Change Programme

€3,350 / group of 20 participants

What you will learn

As a result of attending this change programme, you will...

  1. Become

    change positive and savvy. Knows the dynamics of change, steps and selected change tools

  2. Develop

    increased empathy for the complexity of change

  3. Learn

    one "change language"

  4. Implement

    change actions and witness their results

  5. Sustain and Lead

    change in a professional way

Experiment how you and your team can drive your particular change, your stakeholders, business and organisation.

Many leaders manage change and transformation more intuitively than with a proven approach and humane mind-set. This programme is sustaining leaders and their teams in communicating change, winning over stakeholders, dealing with resistance and gaining the leadership skills in guiding employees through their very own change initiatives.

As shown in the picture below, Mastering Change is built with a kick-off and and a closing. This proverbial bracket gets teams to buy-in to the initiative while getting answers on the WHY, HOW and WHAT. The closing is used to see what previously committed actions have been executed and to what effect; learning from each other and reflecting on the process is the focus. 

The middle parts are similar to EMBRACING CHANGE and SUPPORTING CHANGE but include deeper insights into change, for example into the impacts of selected actions in the online simulation, or what our actions say about our change culture. In essence, we align the training to your change situation and project. 

Optionally, we recommend that smaller sub-teams sustain each other in self-facilitated *Peer-Group Coachings.  

*Peer-Group Coaching & Support: 6hrs (3.5 virtual WS PGC skill training, 2hrs supervision) €1950 (EU: w/o VAT) or £1650 (UK+VAT).

We are working with CLP since 2015. CLP’s trainer are well appreciated and their way of training change management is simply fabulous.
Andrea Heinze, Team Leader Change and Culture, Jungheinrich AG

Structure of course

All of our virtual programmes include a half hour ‘Tech-check’ with a virtual producer to ensure that technology will not play a detrimental part to the training. To start, there will be an instructor-led 1.5 hr kick-off session to ensure all team members support mastering change. Then 2 x 3.5hr instructor-led skills training sessions where participants learn about the dynamics and phases of change, simulate their own chase case and discover how to make management and leadership decisions related to change. These are then followed by a 2.5hr lessons learned session to gain immediate feedback to change dynamics, derive concrete actions for moving forward and learn from the implementation of the actions. All sessions are facilitated by a virtual producer. All participants are provided with an e-learning guide for them to access various change tools from anywhere, and at anytime (e,g, Kotter’s Cycle of Change, Maurer’s Resistance Levels and Change Communication) and to further their understanding.

Who is it for?

This change programme is for all leaders and their teams who are at the beginning or right in the middle of a change project or transformation. 


This change programme is available as a ready-made product to help you react quickly and effectively to changing market demands. We will of course, customise it for your specific needs and our ready-made courses such as this can also be combined with others to create an effective pathway to achieve your desired results, or we can create an entirely bespoke programme specific to your organisations’ requirements and needs. Changes to training design will incur an additional charge of €300/hr (£250/hr).

We deliver our virtual courses on several online collaboration platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx and Google Meet, you can select the one that fits best with your team and organisation. We also deliver our courses face-to-face if preferred.

We offer our courses in English and German, as well as a range of other languages such as Spanish, French, Mandarin etc.

Please fill out the form below to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Clients and References

CLP is proud to help teams in their challenge to drive and sustain their change case. Teams who mastered their change using this change programme with us come from various clients such as: 

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