28.01.2022 15:43:40

SHAPE your LD – Leadership Development Programme

Rebuild your learning roadmap

2 days

What you will learn

As a result of attending this workshop, you will

  1. Create

    an alternative set of piloted and tested LD roadmaps for your business

  2. Analyse

    the current LD landscape with its influencers like corporate strategy, LD trends, LD future scenarios, learning needs, etc.

  3. Hack

    into the future of LD landscapes

  4. Pilot

    first measures in iterative feedback cycles

  5. Work

    with a Design Thinking approach staying close to customer needs

Churchill once said: “Never let a good crisis go to waste!”

A time of crisis is invariably a time when LD activities are cut – even though new skills and profound leadership are vital! In the current Corona virus crisis, we foresee unprecedented changes to existing business models, customer behaviours and leadership. How can LD remain valid during these challenging times?

SHAPE helps LD teams to react proactively to the changing business environment by creating a new mandate for key LD activities in their organisation that considers both new learning needs and dramatic changes to budget.

SHAPE comprises a series of interactive virtual workshops where we guide LD professionals through this ambidextrous approach in close relations with their key stakeholders and internal decision makers. The result is a set of alternative LD roadmaps that promote essential issues using disciplined financing and efficient learning methods.

We created SHAPE to give LD teams an alternative to ‘simply’ cutting costs by using our dual approach to create LD crisis plans that don’t need to wait for a crisis to be put into action.

Additional details

This series of workshops is designed to guide the whole LD team through the SHAPE approach, creating opportunities for preparation, self-work and implementation. This training is spread over two days and requires a pre-analysis by the participants. We offer SHAPE in English and German.

We designed a unique Leadership Development Programme for our 10,000 mid-level leaders. Customised from us, for us. Thanks CLP, great job!
Manfred Grossmann. BMW. Head of Innovation@Talentmanagement

Who is it for

HR / LD specialists and their teams create an alternative set of piloted and tested LD roadmaps.


2 days face-to-face, plus pre-analysis. Maximum of 12 participants for best results. Talk to us, we are able to adjust Shape to your business requirements and needs. We can also customise this programme in order to deliver this virtually too!

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Added value

Diverse Spirit

We are proud of our German roots, our London presence and our 180+ global educators from over 20 countries

1000+ Top Leaders

Each year we work virtually and face-to-face with over 1,000 leaders worldwide

Customised and standardised

Bespoke, scalable solutions that fit our clients’ strategies and virtual maturity, or choose from a library of standardised solutions that allow you to react quickly and efficiently to changing market demands.

Virtual real life

We make the virtual world reality with exclusive designs comprising modern collaboration and communication tools, online simulations and unique facilitation techniques

Creating connections that matter

Supported by long-lasting relations with our HRD counterparts, we create trustful learning environments that maximise transfer and allow sharing and deep exchange among participants

Love of learning

We constantly invent new ways to learn and develop. We are adopting frameworks and technology that set us apart, daring to set learning trends and be state-of-the art