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Mastering Change Exclusive - December 2021

Leading Hybrid Teams – e-Learning Course

1hr and 15min e-learning course for leaders to adapt their business style to lead hybrid teams (remote/office) successfully.


What will you learn?

As a result of this e-learning, you will…

  1. Know how to build trust and rapport

    Trust is the number one ingredient for successful hybrid teams. Know your role and how to build trust.

  2. Get intentional about social connections

    We need connections in hybrid teams to build trust. Do it right.

  3. Run hybrid meetings that work

    Focus on meeting etiquette and get some valuable tips to enjoy good hybrid meetings.

  4. Have necessary tough conversations online

    Telling a team member something they don’t want to hear is hard enough. But how do you do it when you’re not in-person?

  5. Know how to be a great listener in remote meetings.

    You don't have to be face-to-face to be fully present.

Leading Hybrid Teams eLearning Course description

“Do I need to shift some of my attitudes or behaviours to lead hybrid teams?”

“What do I need to do as a hybrid leader to make sure we’re as successful as when we were co-located?”

Even before the recent global pandemic, organisations had started to work hybrid (remote-office). With an increasing global footprint, matrix-organisation and use of digital technology, organisations enter the future of work quickly.

Leaders lead increasingly hybrid teams and questions like the ones above are not uncommon.

This e-learning course is designed for leaders and shares the do-or-die tips on how to adapt your leadership style to lead hybrid teams successfully.

Who’s it for?

All leaders that work in and lead hybrid teams. This e-learning course requires some patience and thought. Best would be to do one chapter after another (perhaps even on different days) and discuss these with your team. These 1:25hrs are full of facts, tips, knowledge and food for thought.


This hybrid work e-learning course was designed for one of our clients for a specific target group, with specific objectives and in a specific manner for their LMS. Depending on your learning needs and requirements we can adapt and customise this or other e-learning courses. For example, we would recommend redesigning this course so that a small group of leaders could work together, read chapters, discuss application and usefulness. Please speak to us about how this course can be tailored to fit your organisational needs.

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