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Never let a good crisis go to waste

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In the last twelve months we have seen unprecedented changes to existing business models, customer behaviours and leadership. It has been a time of crisis for many businesses and, as a result, their Leadership and Development activities may have been cut or needed to change. However, at times like these, new skills and profound leadership are vital. 

At CLP we are very aware that businesses could be questioning whether their learning development programmes are worth investing in or remain valid during these challenging times, which is why we have created our ‘SHAPE your Leadership Development Programme’. SHAPE answers the question: How to design (or amend) your Leadership Development Programme?

Click to view a short introductory video to our SHAPE Leadership Development Programme
Click to view a short introductory video to our SHAPE Leadership Development Programme

SHAPE Leadership Development Programme…

SHAPE helps Leadership Development teams react proactively to their changing business environment by creating a new mandate for key LD activities in their organisation that considers both new learning needs and dramatic changes to budget.

NEW: Rolling Stones – A Leadership Development Case Study

The continuous improvement mind-set of the automotive industry in harmony with the continual customisation approach of Change Leadership & Partners.

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The advantages of a 100% virtual Leadership Development Programme over face to face

With the restrictions lockdown has placed on all of us, our programmes have shifted rapidly to Virtual Learning only, whilst face-to-face my be preferred, we are able to offer our services virtually too.

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Fancy a challenge?

Reach out to a colleague, contact or someone you like spending time with and ask them whether they would like to arrange a coffee morning. Do it virtually – we’re not encouraging any of you to break lockdown restrictions.

Read about the benefits of a virtual coffee morning with colleagues

Have you downloaded our FREE Peer-Group Coaching Guide?

Written by Change, Leadership & Partners’ CEO DR. Marcus Gottschalk, this book is designed to help business leaders understand and run Peer-Group Coaching virtually or face-to-face.

The purpose of this e-book is to apply CLP’s research and practical insights to provide you with the tools and knowledge to implement Peer-Group Coaching within your organisation and among your leaders. We describe key findings from Dr Gottschalk’s research and pair it with real life examples and practical suggestions on how to make this work for your business.

The full version is available to purchase as an ebook from Amazon, or you can download a compact version from our website.

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