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The benefits of using a Change management simulation game

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Imagine you are a child again….Can you remember how you learnt to read, write and count? The answer is through playing games. That is the premise for gamification. It is a route to acquiring new skills and knowledge. In a Change Management Simulation Game you learn through serious play.

Gamification promotes the following:

  • Be ambitious, eager and curious in your learning
  • Have an interest in different ways of learning
  • Learn in a fun and engaging way

Practice makes perfect

When you think of the games you once played as a child, did you get the game right first time? The likelihood is that you got better the more you practiced. The philosophy remains the same with change management simulations – you have to repeat something a number of times before it sticks and you’ll get better the more times you do it. This learning approach centralises around practice. At times, the change management simulation game will focus on certain aspects of the game so you can get better at it or do different versions so you can diversify your thinking.

Learning to fail

Life is not perfect. But often in a work environment we are afraid of failing. Gamification and the change management simulation game allows you to do the wrong thing at the wrong time as that’s how you learn. It’s okay to get it wrong because you are learning through your mistakes.

The simulation game encourages you to try different ways of thinking as it stays engaging and fun.

And stress is used in a positive way – if you’re stressed in the game it’s a powerful way of learning as you focus on what you’re not to do. Games allow you to do this as it is crucially important to push yourself.

The paradox is – are you bold and courageous within the game and possibly fail or do you play it safe and stay in the game for as long as possible? The game allows you to experiment with these two extremes. You can then take this learning back to your business.

Resistance and adaptation is good

Resistance levels are important in the process of the game – you can also adapt it to add your own theories in. It is great for companies who want to approach a specific issue that needs answers. You can adapt the game to be about a company’s specific theory.

The game concept has more layers than just making decisions – is not about only having one answer but having different decisions, adapting decisions or making decisions as you go along.

It can be played as individuals, small groups (team challenge) or large groups. Don’t underestimate the impact of what can be achieved but the results can be so different depending on the team. This shows that change is often about internal relationships.

Applying gamification to work life

There is no denying our change management simulation games are fun and engaging. That’s the whole point but they are a form of serious play on serious topics and teams are in competition with each other. Just like in a real work life situation. Those taking part need to go away with something from the game.

The premise is the simulation creates tools that you can use and apply when you return to your work life. You can spread these tools out in your organization and get the highest value out of the learning outcome.

How data informs decisions

Our change management simulation games can collate data on how decisions are made and can provide information on the different leadership styles of participants. This data provides invaluable insights for Learning & Development teams as it drills down into the different ways there are to solve the same issue and how this varies from person to person, group to group, company to company, even regionally.

It can also inform how people are responding to others within their team and highlight the type of energy a team has.

How do you make sure the learning lands?

The companies who are the most successful when using gamification are the ones who see it as a process and not just as an event. Their learning will stick and the system can facilitate that. It is not about executing the game but about thinking about how you made your decisions to complete it.

CLP, change management simulation and ActeeChange

At CLP we are working in partnership with ActeeChange, formerly known as Changesetter. For 10 years, Actee have been a leading supplier of simulation training programmes within organizational and leadership development, change management and professional, relational communication.

Actee is a provider of customizable digital learning games and game sessions. Actee work for better, more engaging and efficient learning with the use of digital simulations and game tools. In the digital learning universe of Actee all users gain access to a range of game scenarios that process themes and dilemmas that we realistically could face in our work life, e.g. when driving a change and leading a team.

A partnership with Actee means we are driving workshops that engage and involve learning with our participants. Within the flexible learning universe of Actee, CLP are able to offer tailored game workshops and simulation games within the field of interest for you and your organization.

Learn more about our partnership with Actee and investigate our change management simulation game…

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