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15.02.2021Leadership Development

How to rebuild your leadership development roadmap

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Are you looking to adapt your leadership development roadmap, but you have minimal resources?

In the last twelve months we have seen unprecedented changes to existing business models, customer behaviours and leadership. It has been a time of crisis for many businesses and, as a result, their Leadership and Development activities may have been cut. However, at times like these, new skills and profound leadership are vital.

As Churchill said:

“Never let a good crisis go to waste!”

Winston Churchill

At CLP we are very aware that businesses could be questioning whether their learning development programmes are worth investing in or remain valid during these challenging times.

That is why we have created our SHAPE programme.

SHAPE helps LD teams react proactively to their changing business environment by creating a new mandate for key LD activities in their organisation that considers both new learning needs and dramatic changes to budget.

SHAPE offers the following:

  • a fast set-up learning development programme
  • an alternative to ‘simply’ cutting costs by using a dual approach to create LD crisis plans that don’t need a crisis to be put into action
  • 2 days face-to-face interactive workshops, plus pre-analysis
  • maximum of 12 participants for best results

What will you come away with at the end of the two days?

  • an alternative set of piloted and tested LD roadmaps that promote essential issues using disciplined financing and efficient learning methods

Have others used SHAPE?

“We designed a unique Leadership Development Programme for our 10,000 mid-level leaders. Customised from us, for us. Thanks CLP, great job!”

Manfred Grossmann, BMW, Head of Innovation @Talent Management

If you are interested in our SHAPE programme please talk to us, as we can adjust Shape to your business requirements and needs.

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