05.05.2021 21:19:09

The advantages of a 100% virtual Leadership Development Programme over face to face

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Over the past year, we have focused more on our Virtual Leadership Development Programmes.

Until early 2020, we used to offer a mixture of face to face and online learning programmes but, with the restrictions lockdown placed on all of us, our programmes shifted rapidly to Virtual Learning only, to ensure a safe space for participants while offering more flexibility to our clients.

All the courses have been designed to continually empower leaders, enable change and support HR teams in rebuilding their learning roadmaps.

On reflection, this shift to 100% virtual versus face to face has had many advantages.

Increased flexibility

We have been able to create more flexible packages in terms of time structure, as those attending the programmes have not been restricted by travel time and location. This additional flexibility also allowed more leaders to participate, as they could more easily fit online classroom experiences into their working day.

Ability to focus on smaller sized groups

We have been able to offer smaller-sized group solutions, allowing more space for everyone to speak confidently, and trigger conversations that led to more people-oriented results and business agility. 

Innovative interactivity

Above all, we have used our creativity to continue providing highly interactive experiences on multiple levels for every participant. We have used innovative technology and tools, such as virtual whiteboards, breakout rooms and other online collaboration tools like Mural or Miro.

When restrictions start to lift, there will always be a case for face to face training but our unique value proposition will remain the same – delivering relevant, curated content that resonates and empowers participants and their teams from the moment the workshop end into the long run.

We will always match the right technology with robust and dynamic content to produce learning programmes that deliver and ensure that the elements are gathered to let our participants grow from their experience with us.

So, if you are looking for virtual Leadership Development Programme that is customised, engaging and effective whilst also being delivered remotely, please contact us.

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