17.02.2017Leaders and Digitalization

The Litmus Test – Would you Recommend this Programme?

Let’s face it, the evaluation is often the obligatory part of a learning development programme. At its best, what is being evaluated has been decided upon in the design of the programme. At its worst, it is one page, one-sided and once-off in the form of the so-called ‘happy sheets’. However, ...
20.01.2017Leaders and Digitalization

Everyone is a knowledge leader

The future of leadership development will not rely on digital technology alone. It will be a clever mix of sophisticated digital and collaborative face-to-face learning among peers. Keeping pace with the rapidly developing world of technology is a huge challenge for leaders. The flood of information from the media, the abundance of data, and the overwhelmingly fast development of new ...
16.12.2016Change Solutions

500 words 2016 Compendium

This December marks our 500 words series first anniversary! To celebrate this occasion, we compiled the past year's 500 words in a compendium, in case you missed any of our publications. Click here to download your compendium! Happy reading and most joyful holidays! The CLP team
11.11.2016Leadership Development

HEAT-MAPs: the essential tool for defining leadership development land

Playing snooker looks so easy! If you’ve ever tried to play, however, you will know how difficult it is to shoot a ball from one side of the table into the pocket of the ...
14.10.2016Leadership Development

Why Chinese multinationals require a more global approach to leadershi

In this edition of CLP’s 500 words, we are taking a closer look at Chinese multinationals, their rising global ambitions and where we can play a part to benefit both ourselves ...
20.09.2016Leadership Development

From disconnected programmes to interconnected and comprehensive Leade

Eisschollenhopping  is a made-up word, consisting of the German words “Eis” (ice) and “Scholle” (floe) and the English word hopping. It refers to jumping from one sheet of ...
20.08.2016Change Solutions

Key success factors for self-responsibility in product development tea

"Self-responsibility and ownership for self-development is crucial for learning success; but rarely achieved." In 2001, Nick Petrie answered the question of what the future ...
31.07.2016Leaders and Digitalization

Digital-untangle-ization: what actually is digitalization?

Welcome to digitalization, the digital transformation that reaches out powerfully to our businesses and private shores. “Digitalization is in everyone’s mind. Well, actually, it is not—but it should be. Digitalization, however, is very fuzzy. What actually is digitalization?” Digitalization ...
23.06.2016Leaders and Digitalization

Digital-ethics: how to use data in an ethical way

The estimated size of the digital universe in 2011 was 1.8 zettabytes. It is predicted that between 2009 and 2020, this will grow 44 fold to 35 zettabytes per year. A well defined data management strategy is essential to successfully utilize data.* My 12-year-old daughter recently asked me ...
27.04.2016Leadership Development

From PUSH to PULL in Leadership development programmes

“Leadership development should not be deficit oriented!” Recently I had the pleasure of presenting a newly designed leadership development programme to an interested CEO (usually they are not!) of a one billion dollar organisation. He ate me for lunch!  He challenged my thinking in two ...