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TÜV Rheinland’s “Attract and select top-talent” programme

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TÜV Rheinland is an international, independent provider of more than 2,500 different services in the areas of testing, inspection and certification. 20,000 experts ensure quality, safety and efficiency for products and services that make our lives easier and safer.

CLP supports TÜV Rheinland’s drive to attract, select and retain top-talent. Together, we created a blended learning approach that allows Leaders to increase their hiring competency with the help of a customised e-learning course, mixed with live instructor-led skill sessions.

Attracting and selecting good people is not only the job of the human resource department. For leaders, recruiting talent for their organisation and departments is becoming more important. As recruitment is becoming the responsibility for leaders, it would be negligent to treat it as an afterthought. Great talent doesn’t just pop up!

The Successfully attract and select top-talent programme focused on three areas:

  1. Understanding the global developments in talent sourcing
  2. Clarifying the global competencies needed for the “new world of work”
  3. Developing a personal brand to attract best-fit talent

TÜV Rheinland is already seeing tangible results from the training. One leader achieving success in attracting and selecting best-fit talent for her team within 90 minutes. To do this she shared her ‘why’ (purpose) and journey within the company with the applicant. She also put into practice the best tips of how to start an interview in a way that attracts best-fit talent.

Other feedback included: “The material surprised me, and the practice today gave me a new experience around how we will do interviews in the future – we must all learn this.”

TÜV Rheinland needs to attract, select and retain best-fit talent to become one of the best employers. In cooperation with CLP we uniquely designed according to our needs a “hybrid” e-learning and virtual instructor-led programme with the overall aim to increase our leader’s hiring competency. Today, we have a programme that is fun, comprehensive, short and makes fun.

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