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7 more unusual ways to de-stress

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Let’s be honest, the last few couple of years have been stressful. The effects of Covid-19 and the pandemic have brought stress levels to an all-time high with many people facing a mental health crisis.

And the current conflict in Ukraine, the increase in the cost of living and on-going concerns about rising Covid cases are doing nothing to make life less stressful.

Stress can be crippling, making everyday tasks feel unsurmountable. In terms of work life, it can severely affect performance. But there are ways to manage feelings of anxiety, stress and overwhelm.

Do something unusual…

When considering how to manage stress, have you ever thought about doing something a little unusual, even a little weird?

Finding creative solutions to ever evolving stress can be really effective and, put a smile on your face.
How about trying one of these:

A photo of a man standing on one leg to destress

Stand on one leg where people can see you (yes, that could be in your office or on a video call) and breathe – this exercise shows you aren’t concerned about what people think about you and it helps you stay focused in the present moment.

a photo of a man laughing really hard to reduce stress in an unusual way

Laugh really hard at a joke that isn’t that funny – laughing hard can release much needed endorphins into your body and reduce stress hormones. Pick any joke, it really doesn’t need to be funny and see how infectious your laughter can be.

A photo of bare feet as an unusual way to destress

Go outside and feel the grass between your toes – this will involve taking your shoes off but feeling the natural sensations of the grass under your feet can really ground you. It will also remind you of more carefree times as a child.

a photo of a man making as many sounds as possible with paper as an unusual way to destress

Make as many sounds as you can with a piece of paper – go on, get creative. How many sounds can you make? The list is endless.

an image of someone walking backwards in an attempt to destress

Walk around your office or workspace backwards – it might take a little confidence to do it at work in front of co-workers, but it will make you smile, it will ground you back into your surroundings and it will re-focus your mind.

an image showing a switch that has been switched around in an attempt to destress

Switch everything on your desk from one side to the other (for as long as you want to) – changing your perception helps reduce stress

a photo of people spinning in their office chair to destress the unusual way

Spin in your chair until you come to a stop – you’ll need an office chair that can spin for this, but it is great fun and will always bring a smile to your face.

And as a bonus, we’ve asked a few of our colleagues at CLP how they de-stress.

Alice likes to shoot hoops at home and Chiara makes herself get up and dance with her young children. We’re still waiting to hear what Marcus, our CEO, does! Any suggestions?

So, how many of those are you willing to try? Remember, finding creative solutions to manage stress will take you out of your normal routine and help you find a healthier and happier perspective. Don’t underestimate the long-term damage continual stress can have. If even one of these slightly strange solutions can help, please try them.

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