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Maintaining relationships with our HR counterparts

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Remember the saying ‘people buy people’? Well, that’s how we work at CLP. The relationships we build with our clients are always with the long-term vision that we will continue to work with them, even if there are breaks along the way.

We were reminded of this recently as we have been asked to pitch for some work with an old client that we initially started working with in 2016.

The work we did with them back in 2016 went well but it naturally came to an end. However, over the years we have maintained contact and, when they realised they needed support again, they turned to us.

That’s even though there is now a different person in charge of HR. The sentiment about our company stayed consistent.

Human to Human

We are using this as a testament to the fact that people do business with people. We are not working within a B2B community but a H2H – ‘Human-to-Human’.

Do not underestimate the soft power of human dynamics. A client will always remember good relationships. People remember how other people make them feel.

At CLP we put a lot of effort into creating, developing and nurturing our relationships with our HR counterparts by doing the following:

  • We use feedback and analytics to continually improve our service standards
  • We use post programme questionnaires with our educators to ensure that the content was well received and relevant
  • We gauge the success of the delivery from participants using Mentimeter
  • We maintain communication with HR counterparts
  • We include ‘lessons learnt’ sessions at the end of every course or programme

Multiple relationships

When we run multiple projects with more than one point of contact at an organisation, we create weekly dashboards to make everyone aware of what’s going on. Keeping everyone informed means you remove any ambiguity and empower your client with all the information they need. Spending time over-communicating stops confusion and crosswires.

For us, the most valuable aspect of our business is our relationships. And this is why it goes to the top of the priority list in everything we do.

If you’re interested in building a relationship with CLP, please get in touch with one of the team. We’d love to see how our relationship with you can develop.

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