06.10.2022 05:07:15
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CLP donates to UNHRC for Ukraine

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At CLP we have been devasted to see the conflict in Ukraine. On behalf of everyone in the company we have donated to UNHCR.

Who are UNHCR?

With nearly 2 million people forcibly displaced within Ukraine, UNHCR and its partners are responding to the dire humanitarian needs with shelter and other forms of aid.

When families are forced to flee their homes and countries, UNHCR provides emergency assistance in the form of clean water, sanitation and healthcare, as well as shelter, blankets, household goods and food. They continue to support families so that they have the chance to rebuild their lives and the option to return home, integrate or resettle.

With conflicts often protracted, displaced families can be trapped in limbo years as they wait for the opportunity to return home or be resettled in a new country.

UNHCR helps provide education, healthcare and livelihoods access to help refugees carry on with their lives, restore their self-reliance and regain their dignity.

Why we chose to donate to UNHCR?

Even though we truly hope the Ukrainian crisis will be resolved swiftly, we at CLP felt we had to take part and donate to an organization that can provide momentary education for the refugees while they wait to go back to their homes. We believe once all other basic vital needs are met, having the opportunity to learn and keep up with their education is what will guarantee the children and young adults a better life in the near future.

“We’re not political but we have a conscience.”
Marcus Gottschalk, CEO of CLP

We’ve also updated our logo on our LinkedIn company page to show solidarity.

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