17.05.2022 00:07:47

The evolution of hybrid-learning

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At CLP, we like to think we are ahead of the curve when it comes to innovative training. Pre-pandemic we were no strangers to providing virtual leadership training. It made good business sense considering our international clients were working in different time-zones and to different budgets.

When the pandemic hit, our entire industry had to embrace virtual learning. We, however, evolved and adapted our virtual offering by looking at even more innovative ways for people to learn online. We did this by incorporating e-learning modules into our virtual courses, workshops and programmes that could be completed in between the virtual instructor-led classrooms and workshops. This helped to bring the content to life and helped the participants absorb and learn the content better than just sitting pretty in an online video platform.

Now that we seem to be through the worse of the crisis, what are we offering?

Well, our evolution has come full circle and we have a plethora of ready-made courses and programmes that can be delivered virtually or face-to-face, but now they incorporate elements of e-learning too. We can customise existing or create completely new programmes – getting the balance that is right for your organisation, your leaders, your budget and appetite to learn.

In this video our CEO, Marcus Gottschalk, talks about the five advantages of hybrid learning, including flexibility, engagement and scale.

One of our most popular courses is Mastering Change – a hybrid leadership development programme. In this video Marcus talks through the course and explains how our hybrid approach with e-learning modules and virtual instructor-led training works. He covers how the programme is structured so you can see exactly what to expect from it.

If you are interested in this programme or any of our ready-made or customised courses, please get in touch with our team.

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