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Mastering Change Exclusive - December 2021

Partnership with Actee

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CLP are delighted to announce that we have entered into a partnership with Actee.

Actee is a provider of customizable digital learning games and game sessions.  Actee work for better, more engaging and efficient learning with the use of digital simulations and game tools. In the digital learning universe of Actee all users gain access to a range of game scenarios that process themes and dilemmas that we realistically could face in our work life, e.g. when driving a change and leading a team.

A partnership with Actee means that CLP will be driving workshops that engage and involve learning with our participants. Within the flexible learning universe of Actee, CLP will be able to offer tailored game workshops and simulation games within the field of interest for you and your organization.

CLP provides a pool of skilled change-consultants and trainers who are certified in the use of ActeeChange. In 2019, we are proud to have trained over 2000 leaders in leading change with the help of ActeeChange. For example, CLP is sustaining the transformation process towards agility of Germany’s biggest telecommunication provider, using ActeeChange and discussing transformation progress, challenges, actions etc. with over 1000 employees.

About Actee
For 10 years, Actee have been a leading supplier of simulation training programmes within organizational and leadership development, change management and professional, relational communication. In this way, Actee, with the help from great partners, has been partaking in facilitating great organisational development processes with customers, and the learning games and tools in the Actee universe has been used for dynamic workshops and involving instruction processes in the workplace and in higher education.

Know more about Actee and try your demo here.



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