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Join us to Master Change in a Free Virtual Workshop with AccessHolding

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Does ‘mastering change’ sound appealing? We know many teams, leaders and managers still find understanding and embracing the dynamics of change challenging.

If this is you, then please enrol on our free Mastering Change virtual workshop on 20th September at 12:00 CET, in partnership with AccessHolding.

The workshop will focus on how to understand and embrace the dynamics of change. If you need to familiarise yourself with the dynamics of change, this workshop is for you.

During the 3.5hr workshop participants will understand in an interactive and engaging way how change impacts business and organisation, and how decisions and actions can influence change and stakeholders’ resistance levels.

The aim is for participants to make decisions to achieve their change objective by focusing on:

  • the dynamics and phases of change
  • the impact of management and leadership decisions related to change
  • a change simulation to better understand how change impacts stakeholders, business and organisations
  • various change tools (e.g. Kotter, cycle of change, Maurer’s resistance levels, change communication)
  • an increased empathy for the complexity of change
  • speaking one “change language”

For the workshop to be as interactive as possible we will be using gamification in the form of a change simulation by ACTEECHANGE®.


ACTEECHANGE® is an online simulation tool and an educational game hub for change management and leadership development.

The technology is based on game elements especially created to spark energy and motivation required in successful organisational changes. The game structure in this theory-based training platform engages people and helps anchor the change in the workplace.

“Every leader should know how to deal with their stakeholders. I love to simulate my change and see people moving out of resistance”.
Vice President HRD, Former Mastering Change participant

About AccessHolding

We are running the workshop in partnership with AccessHolding, a private company founded in 2006 in Germany as a partnership among high profile investors from the public and private sector.

Over more than a decade, AccessHolding has built up and grown an international network of small business banks that support entrepreneurs in developing and emerging markets by providing access to responsible and fair financial services.

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To register for the free workshop, please click here.

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