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Leaders Talk: Exploring the dynamics of change management with the help of gamification
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Mastering Change Exclusive – September 2022

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An exclusive invitation to attend ‘Mastering Change’, our most popular Change Management Workshop in partnership with AccessHolding and delivered by Fiona Higginson, Director at CLP.

Mastering Change – our virtual change management workshop – is an experience where you collaborate with others to better understand how your particular change impacts your stakeholders, business and organisation.

a photo of fiona higginson, virtual change management workshop architect and deliverer.
Fiona Higginson

Event information

We will invite external leaders and change specialists from other companies, so that we can experience We will invite external leaders and change specialists from other companies to join AccessHolding participants, so that we can experience together this unique change approach and introduce the online simulation. This gives you the opportunity to exchange and network with other professionals while representing your department and organisation.

About AccessHolding

AccessHolding is a private company founded in 2006 in Germany as a partnership among high profile investors from the public and private sector. Over more than a decade, AccessHolding has built up and grown an international network of small business banks that support entrepreneurs in developing and emerging markets by providing access to responsible and fair financial services.

Event Details

20th September 2022
from 12:00 – 15:30 CET
Price: Free of Charge

Agenda (CET)

12:00 –Virtual Producer (VP) to open up Zoom call
12:15 –Virtual coffee. Get to know change professionals from other industries and organisations
12:30 –Event kick-off
13:10 –Breakout groups: Team task – Defining the difference between change and transformation
13:35 –The cycle of change, driving the “boat” & resistance levels
14:30 –Breakout groups: competition
15:20 –Share results
15:30 –Wrap-up. Capture feedback on learnings/questions

Clients that have benefited from this change management workshop includes:

I wanted to thank you and your team for the great Mastering Change session last week. I have just started this job and my schedule is already so busy that I nearly cancelled… I’m so pleased that I didn’t! It was a fruitful session to understand change dynamics and a great introduction to powerful change interventions. Thank you very much.”
Mastering Change Participant, Dec 2021

We look forward to meeting you, yours…

Dr Marcus Gottschalk, CEO at CLP

a photo of Dr Marcus Gottschalk, virtual change management workshop

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