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Mastering Change Remastered

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At CLP we have offered Mastering Change as a change management programme for a number of years, both in face to face and virtual format. It has been one of our most successful and sought after courses. But, following feedback from trusted clients, this year we realised we needed to change our Mastering Change offering (the irony was not lost on us).

So, we changed! Simple as that.

Due to the complexity of the subject, we have broken it down into three distinct change courses for different levels of understanding and change involvement.

Embracing Change >

The first and simplest of these change courses is designed to help anyone who needs to know what change management is about. Embracing Change is a ready-made, easy to implement and highly engaging 3.5 hours virtual workshop.

It is for anyone who needs to understand change management and its dynamics. We use an online interactive change simulation for participants to get hands on experience of change. We believe you learn by doing. The course includes change phases, tools, stakeholders, resistance levels and the consequences of change related decisions.

As a result, an increased knowledge and empathy of change is achieved and those taking the workshop will start to speak with one change language.

Sustaining Change >

The second, ideal for participants who are already familiar with the basic concept of change management, focuses on how to sustain your own current change. The training is for all who need to explore their own role, reach and options to sustain corporate change and transformation.

It is a ready-made, easy to implement and interactive 3.5 hours virtual workshop supported by an interactive e-learning guide. Various tools are used to simulate stakeholders’ resistance levels, whilst learning how to drive the change itself. Those taking this short but impactful training will come away with concrete actions to use in their day-to-day work lives.

Mastering Change >

The third and most comprehensive change courses is the original Mastering Change (just with a few improvements). It helps to increase communication, empathy and transparency. We know that many leaders and their teams struggle with their own current change.

This easy to implement, interactive and very hands on virtual programme explores change dynamics, processes, and tools. Mastering Change is comprised of a kick-off session, then two 3.5 hours instructor-led skills training sessions where you simulate and master your own change , followed by a 2.5 hour lessons learned session which is supported by an interactive e-learning guide too.

The success of the course speaks for itself as many teams report that Mastering Change helped them tremendously to deal with their own change situation. We are proud that many leading organisations work with us in preparing and guiding their team on their change journey.

Our most recent Mastering Change feedback >

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If you are looking to start your change journey with a highly experiential and positive programme, we have a change course or programme ready for you. You just have to choose your familiarity with change management concepts and start from there.

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