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Bitesize – What sort of leadership should you adopt during the on-going pandemic?

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Welcome to Bite Size – our bi-monthly blog where we explore a topic in bite size form – short, sharp and easy to digest.

This year has presented its own set of unique challenges for leaders. After facing a period of great uncertainty during strict lockdown, leaders are now having to navigate a new world of work.

And one of the major questions they must answer is…

What kind of leader should I be?

There are several different leadership styles that leaders could adopt depending on their personality, company culture and belief system.

What does seem to be apparent is we are facing further uncertainty as we move towards a potential second wave of infections during the winter months.

Crisis mode and adaptability is something all leaders will need to adopt, probably for the next year or so until a more permanent solution, such as a vaccine, can be found to deal decisively with Covid-19.

So which leadership styles can offer consistency, as this prolonged period of uncertainty continues?

What works well…

The approaches that will prove most successful going forward and will help your company thrive include:

Charismatic leadership – a Charismatic leader will seek new opportunities for employees, will have vision and can influence and inspire others.

Transformational leadership – this kind of leader will focus on productivity by encouraging focus and will influence employees to work harder.

Supportive leadership – a Supportive leader will provide employees with the skills, support and coaching to succeed as everyone is working towards a common goal.

Democratic leadership – leadership groups are encouraged by a Democratic leader as they do everything by committee, involving everyone

…and what doesn’t

The leaders adopting the following styles will likely struggle during a prolonged period of uncertainty:

Autocratic leadership – this is a rigid style so is not always helpful when a leader needs to be flexible during periods of change, however it can be effective when speedy decision-making and execution is needed.

Laissez-faire leadership – this allows for a high level of autonomy and encourages team members to solve problems themselves. During a time of crisis leaders do need to lead so this style of leadership does not always work when key decisions need to be made company-wide.

Transactional leadership – with this style remuneration drives the company forward. In companies where this style is most prevalent many staff could have been furloughed. As the country starts to deal with a recession this style of leadership could fall into problems if the company is suffering financially.

What is apparent now is companies need clear leadership. That will help them weather the storm of uncertainty and mitigate an economic slump. That is why, at CLP, we offer Leadership Development programmes to help determine the type of leader you are and the type of leader you need or want to be.

Have you identified a type of leadership that prevails in your team or your organization? Is there any of the listed types of leadership that you would like to see develop ? Join us for an easy, 30-minute online conversation with Dr. Marcus Gottschalk every Thursday, 12-12:30pm CET, and let’s discuss this topic further!

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