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Bitesize – Peer-Group Coaching – a guide for business leaders

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Welcome to Bite Size – our bi-monthly blog where we explore a topic in bite size form – short, sharp and easy to digest

In times of crisis and beyond, human connection becomes vital for psychological health and business performance. 

This year, more than any before, for obvious reasons the majority of communication within organisations has become virtual. With employees dispersed nationally and globally, virtual communication has been the logical way to stay connected.

But have you been noticing the impact this has had on the way colleagues or peers communicate?

One approach to mitigate any concerns you have and to increase the level of problem solving and opportunity creation is to consider Peer-Group Coaching.

Peer-Group coaching offers a way to connect with peers and others on a deep, trustful and emotional level. It is the key to building an entrepreneurial culture in the midst of need.

Have you ever considered Peer-Group Coaching and the value it can add to your leadership development?

It is useful to know exactly what it is. 

It is a form of reciprocal coaching, where 3 to 6 group members coach each other on business and personal issues without the support of an expert, an external facilitator or coach.

At CLP, we have recently created an e-book that covers Peer-Group Coaching, either virtual or face-to-face, as a guide for business leaders.

In the e-book we start with an introduction covering the history of Peer-Group Coaching but move on to the impact effectiveness, benefits and why group coaching can add value to an organisation. We give advice on how to start, how to match and create the right group. We also cover process and planning, coaching skills, how to provide psychological safety, evaluation and implementation.

To learn more please contact CLP to talk all things Peer-Group Coaching, or download our ‘Peer Group Coaching: Virtual and Face-to-Face, a Guide for Business Leaders’ ebook.

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