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Bitesize – How to implement peer-group coaching (PGC)

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Are you interested in introducing Peer-Group Coaching (PGC) to your business, but you don’t know where to start? Our tips below can help inform you on how to implement peer-group coaching within your business.

Do any of these questions sound familiar?…

“What is Peer-Group Coaching?”

“What does the Peer-Group Coaching process entail?”

“What skills are needed to have a successful Peer-Group Coaching session?”

“What is conducive to learning and what is damaging to the session and participants’ relationships?”

If you asked yourself the first question, PGC is a form of reciprocal coaching, where 3 to 6 group members coach each other on business and personal issues without the support of an expert, an external facilitator or coach, as we explore in this article.

We get asked these (and many other) questions regarding Peer-Group Coaching. That is why we recently launched our eBook, Peer Group Coaching – A Guide for Business Leaders.

But, if you are considering PGC, we would suggest you think about these three areas:

  1. Matching who works best together – peers need to be matched in groups to assess each other for performance compatibility, sustainability of partnership and possible best diversity.
  2. Processes and planning – the peer group will define and plan the processes that are needed for them to know what they need to achieve.
  3. Psychological safety – this is discussed and agreed on to build trust,
    openness and confidentiality. Training will need to be provided on non-judgmental and non-evaluative feedback and how to conduct non-threatening discussions.

The need to adopt peer-group coaching within an organisation is evident now more than ever before. It is a cost-effective way to coach an entire organisation and can teach people more than just business practice.

The time is right for peer-group coaching and peer-group coaching is right for the times.

If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch or click on the link to our eBook, Peer Group Coaching – A Guide for Business Leaders.

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