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Peer-Group Coaching Guide

The e-book for business leaders

What you will learn

As a result reading this e-book, you will know

  1. Why Peer-Group Coaching

    is a way to connect with others on a trustful and emotional level to create growth

  2. What it is

    and how it works best

  3. How to set them up

    matching Peer-Group Coaching process and planning

  4. How to learn best

    in Peer-Group Coaching

Written by Change, Leadership & Partners’ CEO Dr. Marcus Gottschalk. This book is designed to help business leaders understand and run Peer-Group Coaching virtually or face-to-face.

“Peer-Group Coaching is a form of reciprocal coaching, where 3 to 6 group members coach each other on business and personal issues without the support of an expert, external facilitator or coach.” Dr. M. Gottschalk

Peer-Group Coaching offers a way to connect peers and others on a deep, trustful and emotional level. Peer-Group Coaching is the key to building an entrepreneurial culture when needed. It creates the necessary psychological safety and gives the necessary space for problem solving and opportunity creation.

Additional detaiils

The purpose of this e-book is to apply CLP’s research and practical insights to provide you with the tools and knowledge to implement Peer-Group Coaching within your organisation and among your leaders. We will describe key findings from Dr Gottschalk’s research and pair it with real life examples and practical suggestions on how to make this work for your business.

I was looking for a way on how to introduce Peer-Group Coaching to my organisation. I found an in-depth compendium and well-researched source of knowledge.

Who is it for

This book is for business leaders who want to use the advantages of Peer-Group Coaching.

Peer-Group Coaching Ebook Download

Published in November 2020, you can now download our Peer-Group Coaching e-book for free with Kindle Unlimited

If you don’t have a kindle, you can download the free Kindle previewer and read it on your desktop.

Alternatively, you can simply download a compact version from our downloads section.

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