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Bite size – Why do virtual learning?

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Welcome to Bite Size – our bi-monthly blog where we explore a topic in bite size form – short, sharp and easy to digest

Unexpected events, such as COVID-19, require organisations to adapt their focus in a fast-paced environment. Companies’ interest for virtual learning has recently experienced an unprecedented increase. Available solutions in the L&D industry, however, might not be as well rounded as they should be.

At CLP for more than a decade we have offered virtual classrooms and training programmes, supporting leaders and helping them create connection and engagement. We have been able to adapt very quickly to unfolding events and ensure all our programmes are available virtually.

But why should you choose one of our courses?

Our unique value proposition lies in relevant, curated content that will resonate now but will also empower you and your team in the future.

Our Leading Virtually course is a perfect example of this. It focuses on how to stay versatile in a virtual environment. Whilst there are signs that countries are starting to relax their strict lockdown rules and some level of normality is returning, working from home is likely to be part of any company’s strategy as they adhere to strict social distancing within a workplace environment. For many organisations, it is unlikely they will be able to have all employees returning to work at the same time for a while, hence the need to continue working from home.

This continues to pose a challenge for any leader, having to motivate and direct a team virtually, especially as some employees might be able to return to the office environment, whilst others stay at home.

Leading virtually requires something new from leaders as sticking to old skills and frameworks does not work in this new environment. Our Leading Virtually course will help leaders optimise their leadership in the virtual world, where versatility is one of the most important attributes a leader can have.

Our training course will give leaders practical experience in how they can best balance the partly contradictory leadership roles of empowering their teams, whilst holding them accountable and balancing being future-orientated whilst staying up to date on operative issues.

The first course runs on 24th June and the subsequent course will be on 22nd July.

For further details and to learn more, click here.

One aspect every leader will have experienced in vast amounts over the last few months is Change. Mastering Change has been a key training course for CLP for the last year and now it is more relevant than ever. We originally created the course because we have always believed all organisations have to change constantly due to an ever-changing business environment.

We are pleased to be able to offer this key leadership course virtually as, now more than ever, leaders need to know how to create the right support network, to use the right tools and to make difference.

We will focus more on the Mastering Change virtual training programme in our next BiteSize but, if you are interested in further details, please click here.

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