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Bite size – 3 tips to get your team on board and make change stick

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Welcome to Bite Size – our bi-monthly blog where we explore a topic in bite size form – short, sharp and easy to digest

Can you remember what your old working life was like?

By now, in your working life, you will have undoubtedly experienced an unprecedented amount of change in a fairly short period of time. However much change has gone before, there is still more to come. As we move into a ‘new normal’, whatever that looks like, as a leader you are likely to be dealing with change on a daily basis.

Mastering Change is a skill we have been teaching leaders especially over the last year where leaders learn how change impacts their business and how they can successfully make change stick. We originally created the course because we have always believed organisations have to change constantly due to an ever-evolving business environment. This is more relevant now than ever before.

Effective and meaningful change happens when you can visualise your strengths, challenges, lessons learned, blocking points, windows of opportunity and how they impact those around you.

If you’d like a taster of what is achievable, here are 3 tips we would suggest as a positive way to master change:

  1. Make your change people-focused: use empathy mapping to better identify the needs and WIIFM (“what’s in it for me?”) of different stakeholders and target groups impacted by change.
  2. Clarify the what and why of change: communicate about planned changes by first defining the things that won’t change and then acknowledging the difficulties of changing. After that, highlight the disadvantages of not changing and only then introduce the advantages of the new planned change.
  3. Listen to your peers: Before introducing any change, get a group of trusted peers to bounce ideas and approaches off of and share your progress with them during the change as well.

Our approach has a very collaborative style, and with peer support, participants derive and simulate actions and interventions that help to them make impactful decisions at work.

Why our virtual learning experience is different from others

We focus on creating real connections, we use unique collaborative methods in a highly engaging and interactive environment, we maximise the learning transfer and our courses are customisable as well as being scalable.

Our Mastering Change course creates a trusting learning environment that maximises sharing and creates deep exchange between participants. It certainly isn’t a boring theory and PowerPoint presentation as we focus on simulating real change events, so that participants can make a real difference.

If you would like to get an idea of how we could run Mastering Change for your organisation, contact us at

If you want to take the conversation further

Remote leadership is another challenge for leaders at the moment, which is why we are also offering a Leading Virtually course which focuses on how to stay versatile in a virtual environment – and of course we offer this as a virtual classroom experience which combines our human-focused approach to leadership development with modern collaboration tools.

Leading virtually requires something new from leaders other than sticking to old skills and frameworks that don’t work in our new environment. Our Leading Virtually course will help leaders optimise their leadership in the virtual world, where versatility is one of the most important attributes a leader can have. To read more about Leading Virtually click here.

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