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Best interview techniques for virtual interviews

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Are you comfortable with best practice interview techniques for virtual interviews, to support you in making the right hiring decisions? Watch or read our ‘Best interview techniques for virtual interviews’ below.

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Building rapport and creating a positive candidate experience is just as important in virtual interviews as it is in in-person interviews. Whilst many of the techniques to do this are the same, there are a few considerations that are specific to virtual interviews.

  1. Firstly, make sure you are clearly visible. The camera setting is optimal when your head and shoulders are clearly visible from the front.
  2. When speaking, make sure that you are looking into the camera.
  3. Sit in a way that you would in a face-to-face meeting. For example, do not rest your head on your hands.
  4. Ensure your background is neat and professional or blur it out.
  5. For optimal audio, speak into a headset with a microphone.
  6. Switch off your phone and find an environment in which you can complete the interview without being disturbed.
  7. Keep your video switched on.
  8. Do not be tempted to engage in any other secondary activities such as writing emails or messages, eating, making phone calls or accepting packages with the camera switched off. These are all disrespectful and should not be done.
  9. When it comes to technology, make sure it works.
  10. Ask the candidate if they are familiar with whatever technology you are using, especially if they have to present something to you.
  11. If they aren’t sure, explain how the presentation mode works.
  12. Be patient in case of technical malfunction. Your candidate is not the one to blame. Help find a solution.
  13. If the technology does not allow for a proper conversation, the appointment must be postponed.

More general best interview techniques that are crucial in attracting and selecting talent that are relevant for both virtual and in-person interviews include:

  1. Be courteous! Welcome your potential employee to the interview. Smile and thank them for their interest in your organization and the time they have set aside to meet with you. Thank them for their time at the end.
  2. Be calming! Help your potential employee relax by making sure they are comfortable. Even in virtual interviews, you can ask applicants if they would like to get something to drink before you start.
    Be curious! Start your interview by asking what attracted your potential employee to the role and to your organization.
  3. Be prepared! Allow sufficient time for the interview. Don’t go into the interview unprepared. Read the CV carefully before the interview and take notes of any questions you have. Do not read the CV during the interview! Listen and take notes to remember what you talked about during the interview.
    Don’t play bad cop! The interview is a get-to-know-you session, not an interrogation. You are a brand ambassador for your company and want candidates to remember the interview with a good feeling. Even if the candidate is not a good fit in the end.
  4. Be relevant! Ask questions that relate to the job. Be careful not to ask inappropriate and/ or discriminatory questions. Answer the candidate’s questions honestly. Highlight benefits that might suit the candidate.
  5. Model good behaviour! Behave in the same way as you expect your candidate to behave! Show up on time for the interview. If your phone rings because you forgot to turn it off, apologize to the candidate for the interruption, reject the call and turn off your phone. Do not answer the call!
  6. And remember, always be empathetic and appreciative.
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