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Peer-Group Coaching eBook

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Virtual and face-to-face – a guide for business leaders

Written by Change, Leadership & Partners’ CEO Dr. Marcus Gottschalk. This book is designed to help business leaders understand and run Peer-Group Coaching virtually or face-to-face.

Peer-Group Coaching is a form of reciprocal coaching, where 3 to 6 group members coach each other on business and personal issues without the support of an expert, external facilitator or coach: some benefits include increased potential, improved emotional intelligence and more! 

This e-book sheds light on Peer-Group Coaching, how to set up groups and make the most of them, how to run groups for coaching and how participants can learn best in this unique environment.

Why should you read the Peer-Group Coaching eBook? 

The time is finally right for peer-group coaching and peer-group coaching is right for the times. 

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Still unsure? Join Marcus on Eventbrite for a free 30 minute introduction to our new Ebook on Thursday 26th at 13:00 CET

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What you get from this webinar

  1. Find out from Marcus what Peer-Group Coaching, the topic of his professional doctorate, is about
  2. Explore what the research says about it, and how reading the eBook can help you innovate and improve your everyday business life
  3. Understand some of the key findings from Marcus’ research and how we apply it at CLP to optimise leaders’ development at client organisation
  4. The opportunity to ask and discuss your questions about Peer-Group Coaching, if you’re already familiar with it! 

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