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How to rephrase negative feedback and get others to listen

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No one loves getting negative feedback. And not many even like giving it! But we all know it’s a necessary part of business life.

But rather than letting receiving negative feedback bring you down, learning to engage with it will make all the difference to how it affects you.

Negative feedback is a good thing

Turn the negative into a positive by reframing how you perceive negative feedback. It means someone is concerned enough to want to help you get better. They believe that you have the strength to listen to the feedback, accept it and use it to develop and grow.

Why we prefer positive feedback

Positive feedback always makes us feel better. It proves that we’re doing a good job. It makes us feel that little bit taller and stronger. It’s a great pat on the back.

But negative feedback helps us to correct mistakes, especially the ones we’re not conscious of doing. By really listening to what is being said, we can learn more from our failures than we do our wins. Without this ability, we can’t progress.

How to react to negative feedback

If you are presented with anything negative resist the urge to defend yourself. It’s a natural instinct for most of us but, instead, give what is being said your full attention. Listen. Think about what is being said. Ask for clarification and examples to ensure you understand what is being said.

Remember that negative feedback is not a positive experience for the other person either. So, the next time someone gives you negative feedback, just say thanks and think about what you can change or implement based on what you just heard. Take it as an opportunity to learn something about yourself. Embrace it and get better!

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