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How to strengthen work relationships in a virtual world – Bitesize

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With most teams operating virtually, how do you maintain and strengthen work relationships with your team and colleagues?

Strengthening work relationships is vital for business success. But now, more than ever, it is crucial for maintaining a positive work environment as companies and teams endure further lockdowns and the restraints the pandemic is placing on business.

To help inspire you, here are some ways we try to strengthen work relationships at CLP:

Everyone contributes

Firstly, we would recommend during any meetings you allow time for everyone to contribute. Your team could consist of lots of different personality types. The more forceful will tend to push themselves forward. Don’t lose sight of the quieter members of your team. Their voice is just as valuable, even if it tends to be quieter.

Care for your team

Giving your team advice on mindfulness techniques will demonstrate your commitment to protecting their mental health. Check in with your team and find out what works for them. Not every technique will be appropriate for everyone so find a variety and match them to your teams’ personality types.

Share personal information

Allow your team to share personal information. It is important people feel they are still connected. Leave time in meetings for small talk, chit chat and ‘water cooler’ moments. We are all human beings and even the smallest human interaction can change someone’s day. Everyone will be experiencing different emotions at this time. Allow them to express them in a safe and non-judgmental environment.


Socialising with your team can be a great way to strengthen relationships. It doesn’t have to be a Zoom quiz! Investigate different ideas. In one of our December CLP virtual meetings, our CEO Marcus, arranged for a psychological magician to join the meeting. It was incredible to watch Neb Maciver perform magic and mind reading on the team, virtually! We’re still discussing how he managed to trick us. It is a wonderful example of adding something different to a meeting that got everyone energised, made them feel appreciated and bonded them together.

A screenshot of our most recent Zoom Team Social showing Pam, Alice (and daughter), Marcus, Angus, Chiara (and baby), Fiona and Catherine (and son).
A screenshot from our most recent CLP Team social.

Because that is the key to surviving this lockdown and pandemic for companies. You have to work extra hard at building and strengthening that togetherness. A team will always be stronger if it works together.

Let us know of any ways you are building and strengthening your team dynamics as we’d love to hear from you.

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