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Mastering Change Exclusive - September 2021
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Mastering Change Exclusive – September 2021

An exclusive invitation to attend ‘Mastering Change’, our most popular Change Management Course in association with Hapag-Lloyd and delivered by Ian Sturgess, Senior Associate at CLP.

Mastering Change – our virtual change management workshop – is an experience where you collaborate with others to better understand how your particular change impacts your stakeholders, business and organisation.

Hapag Lloyd and CLP will invite external (and non-competing) leaders and change specialists from other companies, so that we can experience together this unique change approach and the introduced online/offline simulation. This gives you the opportunity to exchange and network with other professionals while representing your department and organisation.

The MASTERING CHANGE workshop takes place on:

9th September 2021
from 13:30 – 16:30 CET
Price: Free of Charge

We are looking forward to meeting you, yours…

Stefanie Preck (Hapag Lloyd) & Dr Marcus Gottschalk (CLP)


13:00 (CET)Virtual Producer (VP) to open up Zoom call
13:15 – Virtual coffee. Get to know change professionals from other industries and organisations
13:15Virtual coffee. Get to know change professionals from other industries and organisations
14:10Breakout groups: Team task – Defining the difference between change and transformation
14:35The cycle of change, driving the “boat” & resistance levels
15:30Breakout groups: Competition
16:20Share results
16:30Wrap-up. Capture feedback on learnings/questions

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