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Mastering Change, online 2hrs Taster Workshop- April 2024
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Mastering Change, online 2hrs Taster Workshop- April 2024

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Event Details:

Date and Time: 24th April 2024, from 13:00 – 15:00 CET (12:00-14:00 GMT)

Location: Online

Price: Free of Charge

Join Ms. Fiona Higginson, Director at CLP, for an empowering 2-hour journey of strategic transformation at our exclusive Change Management online taster session, “Mastering Change.”

Who is it for?

All managers and leaders who are part of a change project or major transformation. Managers and leaders who need to understand and anticipate the hidden dynamics, processes, resistance levels, and decisions of change management.

Master change with confidence and positively impact stakeholders and your organisation. Join our workshop to gain insights into navigating strategic changes and overcoming obstacles.

About CLP and Change:

For over two decades, CLP has worked closely with project leaders, teams, and stakeholders, ensuring the successful implementation of change initiatives and wholehearted adoption and support for new behaviours. Our commitment revolves around empowering leaders and their teams, providing the guidance and tools needed to navigate transformative pathways. View a selection of our Change Leadership Solutions.

“The session proved to be highly fruitful, offering valuable insights into the dynamics of change and serving as an excellent introduction to potent change interventions. Thank you very much for delivering such an enlightening experience; your efforts are genuinely appreciated.”
Mastering Change Participant, 2023

Limited Seats Available!

Register now for your chance to get a taste of Mastering Change. Embark on a journey of strategic transformation, where theory meets practical application, and lasting change begins!

Event Details

24th April 2024
from 13:00 – 15:00 CET
Price: Free of Charge

Clients that have benefited from this change management workshop includes:

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