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Behaviour Change

Create an informal bottom-up change 'movement'

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What you will learn

As a result attending this workshop, you will

  1. Define

    A few well-chosen behaviours that people will do and your behaviour change will start.

  2. Select

    Volunteers who are trusted individuals in your organisation. The volunteers will help doing the selected behaviours so that others can model them.

  3. Create

    Informal networks that sustain, help and accelerate change.

  4. Accelerate

    Stories that will be remembered and shared.

  5. Develop Leaders

    To support behaviours and shift the culture.

Behaviour Change found its way into many organisations world-wide, changing behaviour and the way people do things from within.

Behaviour Change can almost be seen as the opposite of ordinary change management that works top-down with the power of communication, whereas Behaviour Change works bottom-up, using the power of social movements to create “cultural” change.

Behaviour change is a bottom-up form of change management that uses the mechanisms of social copying of defined behaviours. Behaviours are simply what we see people doing and hear people saying and behaviour defines any organisation’s culture; not the posters on the wall!

The process of Behaviour Change is based on three phases:

1. Discovery. We uncover behaviours needed in the system, understand the company’s goals and vision, recognise who the individuals are that will participate and be responsible for the change, and those highly connected to the network.

2. Development & Engagement. By peer to peer anonymous nomination and social network analysis, we identify individuals who are willing to help. We train these volunteers on how to live the new set of behaviours.

3. Sustain. In this phase, most of the behaviours are already in the system, we now have to understand how to sustain the new system.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead, American cultural anthropologist

Who’s it for

HR / LD specialists, Change & OD professionals and leaders of your organisation who believe that nothing changes until and unless behaviour changes.


Behaviour Change goes hand-in-hand with formal top-down change. They both have the same objective and nurture each other. Please speak to us about how behaviours can be changed so that your change story will live within your organisation.

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