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TÜV Rheinland OpenSky – Culture Change & Growth

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CLP supports successfully TÜV Rheinland’s US based OpenSky cyber security business in implementing and anchoring a culture change and growth initiative “Growth 21”.

TÜV Rheinland is an international, independent provider of more than 2,500 different services in the areas of testing, inspection and certification. Over 20,000 experts strive worldwide to ensure quality, safety and efficiency for a huge range of products and services that make our lives easier and safer.

Change, Leadership and Partners (CLP) support TÜV Rheinland’s OpenSky cyber security business in implementing and anchoring a culture change and growth initiative “Growth 21” in their US organisation. CLP is a trusted partner of TÜV Rheinland’s top leaders in fostering collaboration and learning, facilitating communication, training leadership and initiating and supporting behavioural change from the heart of the organisation.

This culture change and growth initiative entailed:

OpenSky and CLP establishing a change positive culture
We made sure that change for growth is perceived as an opportunity and positive in general. The creation of a Desired State or Future Vision establishes a creative tension focusing the overall energy on common goals.

Anchoring change principles together
For many, change happened to them. We made sure that everyone at OpenSky was involved in the change and knows how to use change tools and principles. So, that change, growth and success become managed over time, rather than random.

We communicate and integrate
We made sure that the change is communicated so that stakeholders understand the change cognitively and –most importantly- emotionally. Without emotional buy-in and change of behaviors, there is no change!

Together, we develop change leaders
While OpenSky is changing, we developed leaders for leading change for growth. And we are developed employees in knowing how to sustain the change.

Partnerships and networks
Change’s reach is beyond our doorstep. We believe in co-creation, partnerships and strategic networks that will help OpenSky to achieve its objectives. We are aware that one success factor for Growth 21 is working closely with TÜV Rheinland.

Keeping a change momentum
We often see that momentum of change is lost throughout its lifespan. We made sure that an adequate change momentum is kept alive for the benefit of constant growth.

a photo of Justin Jarski Vice President of OPerations at TuV Rheinland US saying "OpenSky needed to implement and anchor a cultural change and growth initiative for our cyber security business where all our leaders were fully involved and engaged. We needed to reinvent the business to adapt to a changing marketplace. Together with CLP we "squared the circle" to ensure lasting behavioural change, result-creating leadership training and we fostered continued collaboration to be at the pulse of our organisation.”
Justin Jarski, Vice President of Operations at TÜV Rheinland US

CLP’s Senior Consultant and Associate Gustav Seehusen also commented:

“In times of huge uncertainty, the creation of a stage for open, constructive and honest dialogue was the crucial process. This growth of trust paired with a sense of urgency gave the team the necessary energy to find collective solutions to the challenges they face.”

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