Claudia Nario

  • Senior Consultant
  • Barcelona
  • Spain

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall”

Claudia is a Senior Consultant and Trainer at Change, Leadership & Partners.  She delivers leadership development programmes for senior executives all around the world.  Claudia started her career as a clinical psychologist; went on to organizational Coaching and Training; had a successful career as HR executive, and then came back to her true passion: enabling leadership development.

Her focus is to identify the factors that contribute or hinder leadership performance, and designing a roadmap to tackle those factors.  Her vast experience inside organisations allows her to guide clients into an in-depth practical understanding of what works in their organisational system.

She holds an MSc in Organisational Behaviour and she is certified in the use of various psychological assessments.

She loves playing the guitar, hiking in forests, watching sunsets and travelling around the world to encounter different ways of thinking, feeling and living.

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