Learning Roadmaps

Programme Design & RFPs

Design Master Class for Leadership Development Teams

A big challenge of LD programmes is to create a Request for Proposal (RFP) and to know what to put in there, for potential consultants to suggest ideas. That’s why we set up a unique two-day workshop, focused on designing and building tailor-made learning architectures within your existing leadership development landscape. 

We know the challenges of our corporate HR/LD counterparts. We are able to observe budgetary constraints and overall constraints on resources. HR/LD is often seen as a remedy for fixing organisation cultural deficiencies or leader challenges, while sometimes being disregarded as one of the most influential driver of organisational growth.

CLP offers clients a ‘full’ Leadership Development service, offering Analysis of needs, Design, Delivery and operational help to guarantee customers (and often leaders) satisfaction. Furthermore we offer, with our Design Master Class, a partner-approach to designing and building tailor-made learning architectures within our client’s existing leadership development landscape. We ensure that clients newly designed leadership development programmes are in line with the organisation’s strategy, culture, the needs of the target group(s) and the entire development landscape.