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Jungheinrich AG adopt a versatile and hybrid culture

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Global leaders in warehouse technology development and manufacturing, Jungheinrich collaborated with Change, Leadership & Partners to quickly adapt to a rapidly changing hybrid world and increase the effective use of their employees´ new environment. 

Even before the recent global pandemic, Jungheinrich started to work in a hybrid manner using remote offices. With their increasing global footprint, matrix organisation and use of digital technology, Jungheinrich has entered the future world of work quickly and efficiently.  

“Do I need to shift some of my attitudes or behaviours to lead hybrid teams?” 

“What do I need to do as a hybrid leader to make sure we’re as successful as when we were co-located?”

Jungheinrich leaders lead increasingly hybrid teams and questions like the ones above are not uncommon.   

A hybrid working environment actually demands a mix of remote and co-located work and relevant leadership skills; so the focus is on remote leadership, face-to-face leadership and on how to bring both together: hybridly!

Jungheinrich identified an opportunity to learn and adapt more quickly than competitors by building a Virtual Learning Organisation and painting the intralogistics market “yellow”.

The Virtual Learning Organisation is a re-purposing of the Jungheinrich Way of Leadership, keeping this global leader relevant to customers today and tomorrow. 

CLP supports Jungheinrich in pushing ahead with flexibility and digitisation faster and more strongly. Creating a remote leadership programme to develop the leadership skills needed to develop to guide its organisation into the future in five areas: Building trust, Manager’s personality, Common focus, Attitude & collaboration and Team learning.

“The pandemic hit western Europe in March 2020. By June 2020, this customised remote leadership course had been designed, tested and deployed to mid-level leaders across Jungheinrich globally. Jungheinrich quickly recognised the need to build remote leadership capability and acted on this with impressive speed. The workshop has since been rolled out across all levels of leadership and is contributing to a palpable shift in attitudes to hybrid work and hybrid leadership.”

Neel Arya, Senior Consultant, CLP

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